Seagate Barracuda 250 GB 7200 RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8MB Cache 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive ST3250318AS-Bare Drive
Seagate Barracuda 250 GB 7200 RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8MB Cache 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive ST3250318AS-Bare Drive
Manufacturer : Seagate
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Product Description
Seagate ST3250318AS 250 GB SATA2 7200 rpm 8 MB Hard Drive, Bulk.
Product Details
  • Size: 250 GB
  • Brand: Seagate
  • Model: ST3250318AS
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 4.00" w x 6.00" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Capacity: 250 GB; Rotational Speed: 7200 rpm
  • Cache: 8 MB; Interface: SATA 3Gb/s; Max. External Transfer Rate: 300 MB/s
  • Average Seek Time - Average latency: 4.16ms, Read: <8.5ms, Write: <9.5ms
  • Shock - Operating: 70G @ 2ms; Non-operating: 350G @ 2ms
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    2Very Short Life
    By E. Wagz
    Purchased 12/18/2015, died 02/08/2016 without warning after 6 weeks of service.
    Luckily it was a secondary drive with my client data that gets backed up daily so I'm going to survive this. Had this been my Primary drive with the OS on it I would have been screwed.
    In the past I have had very good success with Seagate Barracuda HDD's, thus the 2nd star is for past Seagate performance. The DateCode on this drive is 11164, which translates to a manufacturer date of Oct 19, 2010.
    So what happened?
    Did my HDD bounce around between stores & warehouses for years and got dropped 1 too many times?
    I'm "Not Saying This", but was this a refurbished HDD pulled from a retired system?
    My guess is I'll never know.
    I just ordered a "Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD" to replace it. I know this is new.
    Hope this helps you make your decision.

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    4(Not quite) Brand new 250GB Seagate ST250DM000 -- Edited Review
    By Davis
    Update 2015-OCT-27
    Well I had to return one of the hard disks. It just stopped working. Usually drives will show some bad sectors first, but one of the drives simply died. Upon removing the faulty drive I noticed a sticker on it I somehow didn't see at first (picture attached). Evidently the drive had been sent back because it was faulty (I'm guessing to Seagate) and Seagate cleared it as okay on "08-17-2015" -- and in fact the drive wasn't okay. So this retailer, like many others, is selling drives that may have been previously used and rubber stamped as okay. Finity India had me ship the drive back and requested a copy of the USPS receipt (for the tracking number and shipping cost) which they then credited to my account. They were polite. So I'm docking one star because these drives may be used in the sense you may get one that's been rubber stamped as okay when it's not.
    I ordered (2) 250GB Seagate ST3250318AS bare drives. In fact what I received was a newer version, the ST250DM000-1BD141. One drive made in 2012, the other 2013, both with the same firmware revision. Both in sealed anti-static bags and smelled new. The drives were shipped in very tight and adequate bubble wrap within a thick cardboard box. I thoroughly tested the drives, and they were not previously used and were in fact brand-new with no defects, no prior data on the HDD, and no SMART events. These drives worked well in my computer's RAID hardware - currently using in RAID 0 array. I would buy from the seller again. Note: these drives are backward compatible with older SATA interfaces.

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    5I had a Computer that is the Server for our ...
    By John Wilson
    I had a Computer that is the Server for our business software. It has two hard drives set up in a Raid 1 configuration where one drive builds an exact copy of itself on the other one. The advantage is that if one drive fails, the other can continue and everything works as if nothing happened. Neither drive had failed but I knew that after 5 years it might be time to expect one of them to fail.
    I replaced one with a Western Digital drive and it was accepted and was rebuilt as a copy of the other drive. BUT...
    for some reason Windows Updates would not longer work. Reseach told me it might be because of it being a Western Digital drive.
    So I got this Seagate drive which also was accepted and rebuilt as a copy but with it Windows Updates started working again.
    I later replace the other old drive with another Seagate. All is well.

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