Reef Octopus 110SSS Space Saver In Sump Protein Skimmer
Reef Octopus 110SSS Space Saver In Sump Protein Skimmer
Manufacturer : Reef Octopus
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Product Description
The Reef Octopus Classic 110SS Space Saver Protein Skimmer is an in-sump skimmer that provides strong filtration for marine aquariums up to 130 gallons. It handles heavy bioloads for 60 gallons and only light waste levels for 130 gallons. Be sure to buy an appropriate skimmer for your tank. Each Reef Octopus skimmer is built using high quality acrylic and can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. Using the new Aquatrance pinwheel pump, it offers the perfect blend of water and air for superior waste removal. A simple vented wedge valve output gives exact control and lets clean water leave the skimmer beneath the water level for quiet operation. This internal unit is designed for in-sump use only. No feed pump is necessary as the skimmer takes in water straight from the sump. Features: · Aquatrance 1000s Skimmer Pump · Quiet and energy efficient · Small footprint, BIG performance · Solid acrylic construction · Detachable turbulence reducing bubble plate · Comes apart for maintenance · New output design for quiet bubble-free outflow · Body Size:5in · Footprint: 6.1in x 7.87in · Total Height: 19.7in · Power consumption: 9 Watts · Air Draw: 420 lph / 15 SCFH* · Water Draw: 350 lph / 92 GPH* · Warranty: 2 year on pump body, 1 year on pump rotor and skimmer body
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #32493 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Reef Octopus
  • CPU: Athlon 64 X2 4800 250 GHz
  • Memory: 250GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 110unknown-units
  • Processors: 3
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