RCA Cambio 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Intel Quad Core Windows 10 Black Touchscreen Laptop Computer with Bluetooth and WIFI
RCA Cambio 10.1
Manufacturer : Cambio
Amazon Price : $119.53
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Product Description
RCA Cambio 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet with 32GB Intel Quad Core, Windows 10, and Bluetooth & WIFI
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1227 in Personal Computers
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Cambio
  • Model: W101 V2
  • Dimensions: 2.70 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 32GB
  • Native resolution: 1280x800
  • Display size: 10.1
  • Product Features
  • RCA Cambio 10" Is preloaded with WINDOWS 10
  • Intel Z3753 processor
  • 10.1 touchsreen, 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Build in 32GB memory
  • Customer Reviews

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    3Update: It's dead, Jim. (recommend don't buy)
    By T. G. Peranteau
    Second update:
    After waiting a few days I tried plugging the charger into the computer, once again. This time, the blue charging light came on and the computer powered up.

    I still cannot in good conscience recommend this computer, because of what happened below, but as of today, it continues to charge and to work.

    I really wanted to like this tablet. It worked well - for a short time (see below). The problem is that two days after the 30-day return policy expired, it died. I plugged in the charger and set it on my table, as I always do. The charge light came on. Two hours later the charge light was off and I tried to turn it on. Nothing. Nadda. The tablet was dead. In plugging the charger back in the next day, no charge light and the tablet will not start, with the charger plugged in or not.

    I contacted the seller, and they said they would not help. I get it, it was a WHOLE two days after the 30 day period. I own a business, and you bend the rules and honor these things behind the scenes to keep good customers happy, but they chose not to. They suggested I contact the manufacturer. We all know how that goes. Send it in back on your dime, wait a few months, they let you know that your $120 tablet will cost $100 to fix, and you may get it back in another three months. No thanks.

    Previous review:
    Okay, I bought this tablet a week ago, and here are my thoughts. Note that I am writing this review on this tablet.

    First of all let me premise this review saying that you really have to review products based on their merit and expected use. You should not compare this tablet to a $500 tablet, nor should you buy it and try to use it beyond its capabilities, expecting it to work well for you. If I review a burger joint I don't ding them because they didn't have hot green tea on the menu.

    That stated, this cheap little tablet is almost amazing for the price. I've tried to use it as a desktop replacement for the office, so not a lot of processor or memory intensive work. It has worked flawlessly. I've even taken it to our sailboat and done a bit of video and video editing (720p), on it. It processed the videos (PowerDirector Mobile) much faster than I expected, and I was able to upload the completed video to Youtube.

    I currently have Chrome browser with four tabs open, the Facebook app, and the mail app. There is no hesitation when switching between apps. Then I open Firefox, and still just as fast. No problems here.

    The touch screen works very well. Sometimes these cheaper tablets have cheesy touch screens - not this one. The keyboard could be better. The keys have a bit too much spring and you have to press down on them, but not a deal breaker at all, and I am still able to type just fine. The mouse pad works well, as expected. Typical of PCs these days, the function keys are linked to brightness, volume, and other things.

    The battery life could be better. I think I may get about two to three hours out of it, but again you have to think in terms of getting what you pay for. For the price I paid I didn't expect this tablet to have the best battery life. I have not tested it in battery saver mode, but I expect that would help. It will last long enough to take to our favorite pub for the evening.

    The styling could be called functional. It's not pretty, but it is functional. Not sure just how much it weighs, but it is very light, especially the tablet detached from the keyboard.

    The only other thing that bothers me is the charger. It takes a few hours to charge the tablet. That doesn't sound bad, but a few hours to charge, to use it on battery for a few hours means you have to plan ahead. If the charger were a bit more powerful, it would help. Someone else here mentioned that they should have used the mini USB as a charging port, but I would disagree. I'd prefer not wearing out one of the USB ports to charge the battery.

    The internal storage is limited, but I've added a 64 gig SD card, so I have a drive "D" with the additional space.

    In conclusion you might ask if I would buy this tablet again. The answer is a resounding yes! I would also recommend it to a friend. It does everything that a full blown Windows 10 laptop does, and it does it almost as fast, as long as you don't overload it by having too many processes running at once. I've watched Youtube videos in high def, browsed all sorts of websites, done minor video editing, run office programs to get my work done at the office, and generally had fun with this little (almost) jewel.

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    5Terrific deal, I paid almost as much for just the Windows 7 upgrade on a laptop
    By D. Musicant
    Lovin' it so far. Received 2 days ago, I had already watched the unboxing Youtube video on this machine (seek it out, it's ~15:43,, so I knew what was in the box, where the controls are, that it is easily the best deal in a tablet right now.

    The first thing you should do after the initial configurations (language, time zone, sign into or establish a Windows Account), is Windows Update. Among those updates right now is the upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1511, which mine is configuring right now. I'd already installed one very complex application, which was my mistake, but it probably won't matter. But yes, do Windows Update ASAP.

    It was suggested to me to do a disk clean up after an update:

    Also a good idea is to install the free version of Ccleaner and use it often:

    These two measures will help keep the operating system tidy, since even to start it takes up around 1/2 of the 32GB storage. The Youtube video I mention asserts that you can add a 128GB microSD card, but I think that RCA's specification of accommodating only a 32GB microSDHC card is correct. I tried my Samsung 64GB microSDXC card, and though seen, a transfer of data to it over my wifi network was at a snail's pace so I put in a 32GB card and all is now well on that front.


    The whole thing: 2lb 1.6oz
    Tablet alone: 1lb 2.7 oz
    Keyboard alone: 14.9 oz

    I love the screen. The keyboard is a little cramped (to be expected, and I can get used to that). I wish the right Shift key and PgUp key were swapped, the PgUp key is where the Shift key normally is. I can switch them in configurations.

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    5Excellent bargain for a great tablet!
    By Christopher Tomlinson
    Great bargain for this machine! Bought this for my daughter as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loves it and she's a tech savvy kid. It's fast, responsive, and does everything she wants. The keyboard included is great. Snaps right in with no trouble or force and works right away. Highly recommended this product!

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