Samsung Tab Pro S 12"; 128 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-W700NZKAXAR
Samsung Tab Pro S 12
Manufacturer : Samsung
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
Product Description
Product Details
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: SM-W700NZKAXAR
  • Released on: 2016-03-01
  • Fabric type: na
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.83" h x .25" w x 11.43" l, 1.53 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Intel Core m3 Processor
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Be productive with the included full-size, detachable keyboard with integrated touchpad
  • Rich colors and crisp details on the vibrant 12" Super AMOLED display
  • With fast charging, get up to 10.5 hours (1) on a single charge
  • Thin and light, the 2-in-1 Galaxy TabPro S won't weigh you down
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Drive
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    5Slim, Light and a drop dead GORGEOUS display!
    By Online Shopper
    I've tried them all. SP3. SP4. Surface Book and iPad Pro in search of the perfect tablet / hybrid that can replace my main computer for 95% of my daily tasks. I have to say, this is as close to perfect out of all of them. Let me compare:

    iPad Pro vs TabPro
    Obviously the main difference between these two is that one runs a full OS and the other doesn't. That being said, iOS is surprisingly workable on the iPad Pro however, it's scaling leaves much to be desired. I know it's down to the app developers to scale correctly but when you're reading text in safari that's perfectly sized, but then you go into Google docs and everything is jumbo sized it gets old real quick.

    Then there's the cost difference. The iPad costs more AND doesn't include a keyboard. I figure around a 20% premium for the Apple device with no real premium solutions offered.

    Finally the size of the iPad is just too big. It's unwielding in your hands. It's not balanced well and unless you're leaning it on a leg or cushion you'll get arm fatigue within 5 minutes.

    There's no real contest if you live with both devices for a day or so. The niggles start to grow quickly, although despite the TabPro's audio being exceptional for a Windows device, the iPad is definitely the winner in terms of audio quality.

    Surface Pro 4 vs TabPro
    The Surface / TabPro comparison is much stranger than you'd think. Same OS so in terms of experience in use, they're close. However, they couldn't be more different in other ways.

    Both screens are 3:2 for the aspect ratio. This could be important to you depending on how you work so give it some thought. Then there's the resolution which, although higher on the Surface, isn't really noticeably different on either, partly because of that aspect ratio thing and partly because of the Super AMOLED screen which is simply unbeatable. If you've used a Galaxy phone you'll know what I'm talking about. Once you go AMOLED, everything else is chump change. From a screen perspective, it Trump's everything else and makes the Galaxy a beauty to use for me at least :)

    Connectivity however is hands down Surface all the way. USB. Check. Mini Display port. Check. Micro SD. Check. None of these exist on the Galaxy and again, if you need any of these that could be a deal breaker. Sure you CAN use the USB-C connection with an adapter for most of the above, but it's not as seamless as the Surface. Oh, and the kickstand being fully adjustable is also a big win for MS ove Samsung.

    Price is comparable although the Samsung comes with a keyboard but no pen. Surface comes with a pen but no keyboard.

    Performance is another one you need to be sure of before you buy. If like me, you're a fairly low power user, doing email, web, docs etc. With some light image editing then the m3 processor will be fine. But if you're the type of person that craves power, needs a V8 under the hood for 40 mph driving then Surface wins again. Most of us however are just fine with the m3. We just need to give it a try which leads us to....

    Battery life is terrible on the Surface. Don't believe what they tell you, real world usage is definitely 4-6 hours depending on usage for all of the i-series processors. The Galaxy on the other hand is easily pulling 9-10 hours from what I've seen so far. Another win for the Samsung.

    Overall, the best way I can summarise these 2 for comparison is really this. The Surface feels like it was built as a laptop first and then the keyboard was taken away. The connectivity just screams 'full PC experoence'. The Galaxy feels more like it was designed to be a tablet first, and then beefed up to give you a full computing experience. It's a small difference but it explains a lot!

    If you're wondering about the Surface Book, let's just say that 2 hour real world battery life on clipboard just isn't usable for anyone who tablet's their way through much of the day. And given the almost double price tag (albeit for more performance), these two devices aren't really competitors.

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    4The Quick and Dirty Review plus a hot tip.
    By Manish Bhatia
    OK so here is the deal on this one so you can make up your mind.

    1. Full Windows 10 so anything goes with no issues
    2. It is slim and light but it is a 12 inch tablet, once you cross the 9.7 inch line things become awkward no matter how sleek it is. Holding it for long periods is not the best thing.
    3. Keyboard is decent. Not sure about long term reliability of hardware but typing is generally OK and no trampolining like on the Surface ones. However, no backlight (which the bright screen kinds helps with anyways).
    Also the case as a case is kinda goofy. There is a 1 in 10 chance you will drop it since the magnetic design is not click and play like the surface.
    You will probably need a cover type thing for tablet use to prop it and maybe use a separate preferred bluetooth keyboard.
    4. Battery is about 7-8 hours normal use with 80% (pretty high) brightness. However, it charges fast and also can be supplemented with a power bank so you always have a long lasting solution. It is much better battery life and charging solution especially compared to the Surface 3.
    5. Does not get too hot that I have noticed.
    6. One USB C is a pain but it is an adapter away when needed to add something to it. But, one more thing to carry but still better than the iPad Pro lightening deal
    7. Loss of star is for the missing micro SD card. No reason for that to be happening on a large tablet by a non Apple company. 80GB out of the box will require one eye all the time plus the risk of crashing personal stuff with the device unlike a separate storage option.
    8. You already know the screen is the best. It is. Movies are a joy in it and startlingly vivid definition.

    The iPad Pro or any iOS tablet does not compare. This is a full fledged computer. Not a compromised mobile OS one.

    HOT TIP -

    Yes, it has a pen based screen which seems different from the Wacom/NTrig type screens. However, while you are waiting for the official (bluetooth based) pen release, the Bamboo Fineline/2 series (Target/Best Buy etc) pens will work right away and are precise point pens. Also unlike Surface pens, you can use the pen as a mouse to navigate etc not just handwriting/OneNote which is big plus.
    However, the negative is palm rejection. Can't rest your palm with these standard pens on OneNote so I am not sure about anything more than signatures, short notes and screen navigation for the pen. The official one MAY remedy all this but it is a waiting game.

    Overall, it is a great competitor to the Surface/iPad Pro and is most portable Full PC solution of the three. I would recommend extended protection though, since I have not built the same level of trust with Samsung tablets just yet like a MS or Apple OEM product.

    Any questions, shoot in the comments and I will try and help resolve.

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    5Samsung found that sweet-spot...
    By F. Morina
    Let me start off by saying that when it comes to a purchase like this I research everything, and probably could be thrown into the category of someone who just has issues pulling the trigger on some things. I defend that by saying that I’m someone who doesn’t have deep pockets…I can’t afford to chase technology and constantly upgrade to the next best thing. What I do buy I expect to last. Built-in obsolescence infuriates me… Take it from a father who’s purchased one too many iPhones for his daughter simply because “there’s no more room on my phone”. As great as Apple is at what they do, I simply cannot allow myself to become part of their flock.

    I started researching tablets about 9 months ago. The most important factors for me were a large beautiful screen and quick responsiveness. I’ve played around with my son’s Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 10.1 that he uses for college, and I was very impressed with it…sharp and responsive. As much as I liked it, for media consumption I wanted something with a larger screen. I read every review I could find on the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, with its big high-resolution screen…but for me there were too many concerns about all the (non-removable) Samsung bloat-ware that was included, and a few too many comments of the lag it caused. During the fall I heard rumblings of this new tablet, so I waited to see what would be revealed at CES 2016…and I’m glad I did.

    There’s one tremendously important question that you need to ask yourself before making a purchase. Do you want a laptop that offers the portability of a tablet, or do you want a tablet that offers the productivity of a laptop? It’s important to be honest with yourself when answering this because it will make your decision a lot easier. If you’re primarily looking for a laptop, at this price point there are far too many better choices. There are traditional laptops (as well as 2 in 1’s) with 1080P or better resolution, lots of RAM & storage, and more built-in ports than you’ll ever need. These are intended to be productivity tools and that’s what their built for.

    If you’re primarily looking for a tablet that can second as a productivity tool, then I believe Samsung has gotten close to that sweet-spot with the TabPro S. I’ve only had this tablet for just a little over a week and I haven’t had too much time to play, but so far I really like what I see. I’ll try not to restate what’s already been said in all the other reviews, so here are just a few observations…
    -The screen puts a smile on my face every time I boot the thing up! (Sorry…everyone has said that already, but I couldn’t resist).
    -If you have any concerns about screen brightness, lay them to rest. Even for my aging eyes it’s plenty bright. Under normal indoor/daylight conditions while web-surfing I’ve been using a brightness level of 50%. I don’t anticipate any issues using this outdoors.
    -Almost no Samsung bloat-ware, but one of the items they did add I feel is very useful. If you’re not a power-user that needs 100% charge each and every day, there’s a setting that will limit the battery recharge to 85%. All lithium-ion cell batteries will degrade over time…There’s no stopping that. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day usage, an 85% charge is a great setting to have to extend the overall life of the battery (and your tablet).
    -The charging is incredibly fast and takes away any anxiety that you may get when the battery gets low.
    -Since I haven’t had the unit for very long I can’t comment too much on the quoted 10 hours of performance. From what I’ve seen so far I don’t believe I’ll see that mark, but that’s okay. Since I bought a tablet for the beautiful display…I want to see it! I don’t get overly concerned with battery saving modes unless I see the charge dropping like a rock (which I haven’t seen happen).
    -Because it’s Windows 10, it pretty much works with everything. Although to be honest, when I first heard that it was a Windows tablet I was not all that thrilled. I had it in my mind that I’d always end up with an android tablet. In addition, when I saw that it was housed with just 4GB of RAM…well for a while I thought that Samsung had missed the mark. However, the more I thought about the versatility of a full Windows tablet the more my concerns faded. Other than the occasional critical updates, Windows (like Android) allows you to control everything…You chose every program and app that is housed on your tablet, which ones run in the background and which ones don’t, and zero bloat ware to slow down the system. This point gets back to that question I mentioned earlier. Shouldn’t 4GB of RAM be sufficient for a tablet? Time will tell if these 4 Gigs will hold up, but I’m cautiously optimistic that this will remain a smooth running device for quite some time.
    -Speakers are solid and provide good volume for YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, but when I’m planning on watching a favorite show or movie…I’m putting on a quality set of headphones to get the best experience.
    -As with any device with zero ports (shame on you Samsung), I did invest in about $75 worth of accessories in the form of a screen protector, various adapters & dongles, Bluetooth mouse and wireless keypad…hoping to make my life a bit easier when I occasionally plan on using the tablet for productivity. I didn’t wait for Samsung’s official adapter. Instead I went with tried and true (highly rated) third-party tablet accessories. All have worked fine without exception.

    Well that’s about it. A five-star item for now because I’m still infatuated with it, but I won’t hesitate to knock it down if it doesn’t continue to impress.

    I hope this was at least a little helpful to you. Enjoy!

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