Dell Venue 10 7040 v7040-5980BLK 16GB eMMC 10.5" Tablet
Dell Venue 10 7040 v7040-5980BLK 16GB eMMC 10.5
Manufacturer : Dell
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
Product Description
Surf, share and entertain anywhere life takes you with high-performance tablets powered by Android, so it's easy to connect to what matters to you.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #29396 in Personal Computers
  • Size: 16GB SSD
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: v7040-5980BLK
  • Dimensions: .24" h x 9.58" w x 7.69" l, 1.32 pounds
  • CPU: Atom Z3580 2.33 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 16GB
  • Display size: 10.5
  • Product Features
  • Intel Atom Z3580 2.33 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB LP DDR3 Memory
  • 16 GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 10.5 Inch (2560x1600 pixels) QHD Touch Screen Display
  • Android Lollipop 5.0.2 Operating System
  • Customer Reviews

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    3Check out these cracks.
    By Silent Running
    Not an Amazon purchase, I got it directly from Dell, but there's something I think prospective customers should know. First off, I'm happy with the hardware. My main reasons for buying were the up to date specs on the 5.1 operating system, wireless AC, Bluetooth 4.1, and mainly the lovely high resolution OLED display. Not disappointed in any of those. I also bought the keyboard, which is a pleasure to use. The problem, at least with mine, are the plastic bodies on both the tablet and keyboard have developed cracks after only 2 months of very light use. OK, you can stop what you're thinking right there - cracks in both? Yeah, right, this guy dropped the tablet and is just whining. WRONG! I baby this thing, and as mentioned, it's had very light use, mostly just sitting on a desk with the keyboard attached. The tablet case crack is simply an engineering thing, a high stress area coupled with thin plastic. The keyboard I'm not sure about, it seems to be built like a tank with substantial thickness in the plastic body, and the crack doesn't extend all the way to the edge of the barrel area, it stops short. I'm thinking a shrinkage crack.

    I tried Dell's customer support department, didn't get anywhere with them, they simply said the cracks were not covered by warranty. At least they were honest about it. So be aware of these weak areas, and if you already own this tablet, try to handle it gently. And if you're on the fence between this and an Ipad, that Apple aluminum case just might be worth it. Anyone else with these identical problems might want to reply with some pictures, maybe we can point Dell to these reviews and get them to step up.

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    4Great tablet... Highly recommended
    By Steve G
    I purchased the 32gb tablet from Dell last month (including the keyboard). I couldn't be happier with this versatile device. It's very fast, has a gorgeous screen and always connects to wifi and maintains the connection. My old 2012 galaxy note 10.1 tablet had so many issues including lousy wifi connectivity and being forever stuck on Android 4.1 (shame on you, Samsung). I updated the Venue to 5.1 as soon as it was setup. The upgrade was flawless. The build quality feels extremely sturdy and the keyboard is a GREAT addition.. Its a must-have. Regarding the cylinder, I actually love it. It's much smaller than I thought it would be and it creates stability when holding the tablet in landscape mode (without keyboard) and it makes a great handle in portrait mode! The sound coming out of it is pretty amazing. It locks the tablet to the keyboard quickly and easily due to the magnetized connection points. The keyboard touch is just fine and it functions as a stand PERFECTLY. Android on this tablet is near-stock so an upgrade to Android M is only a matter of time. Stock Android took a little getting used to due to the lack of an OEM skin but I hated TouchWiz and all the Samsung bloat so I'm not complaining. At 679, the price is a bit steep but considering the price of other high-end android and apple tablets, this thing is a bargain.

    6/29/16 update: I can no longer recommend this tablet as it has developed significant stress fractures on the back of the tablet. The cracks don't seem to be having any structural impact YET but clearly this is a manufacturing issue. I'll be contacting Dell since the tablet is still under warranty. I doubt I will get anywhere since the warranty is almost up and Dell no longer sells this tablet on their website. Also, I'm very frustrated there have been no security patch updates and, of course, no mention of a marshmallow update. This tablet is near stock Android so I assumed there would be an update. Apparently I was wrong. At least the tablet is stable on lollipop, so there's THAT.

    9/20/16 Update: The stress fracture cracks worsened and were creeping up the back of the tablet. I actually dropped the tablet on the tile floor and the screen shattered. Dell customer service informed me the repair cost would be $269 which was prohibitive. Fortunately, I had $200 in promo credits from Dell related to other purchases which I was able to use as payment for the repair. Dell sent a prepaid fedex box and I shipped it back. The tablet just arrived today. Clearly I received a new/reconditioned tablet as the screen is pristine and the cracks are gone. The replacement tablet was shipped very quickly. If not for the credits, this tablet would have added to the electronic trash heap. Since Dell has announced they have discontinued the tablet (and of course no marshmallow is forthcoming), I would avoid this tablet at all costs.

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    4It's a Dell, Dude!
    By Max
    Wonderful display. Operates with alacrity. Find backlighted keyboard a real enhancement. Keyboard backlight only comes on when key is touched and turns off automatically. I tend to use more as a laptop. Seems to charge rather slowly, but has very good battery life when fully charged. I intend to purchase an optional micro SD memory card to expand onboard storage. I have the 32 Gb SSD installed. Find it incongruous that my Motorola smart phone connects with my wireless router at 866 Mbps and my Dell Venue 10 7040 only connects at 433 Mbps. Fits nicely in Amazon Basics 11.6" carrying case. The Venue 10 7040 comes with the keyboard. Overall very satisfied and would purchase again.

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