EpicGadget PU Leather Folding Folio Case with Screen Protector and Random Color Stylus for Fire HD 8 - Black
EpicGadget PU Leather Folding Folio Case with Screen Protector and Random Color Stylus for Fire HD 8 - Black
Manufacturer : EpicGadget(TM)
Amazon Price : $8.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Ships with Epic Gadget(TM) packing in United States. It normally takes 3-5 business days for delivery. Epic Gadget(TM) is a trademark of Epic Gadget Inc. All rights reserved.
Package includes:
1, 1 X Amazon Fire HD 8.0" display Tablet Case
2, 1 X Amazon Fire HD 8.0" display Epic Gadget HD Clear Screen Protector
3, 1 X Long Stylus/Pen
Product Details
  • Size: For 2016 Fire HD 8 Tablet
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: EpicGadget(TM)
  • Dimensions: .59" h x 5.91" w x 8.66" l,
  • Display size: 8
  • Product Features
  • Compatible With Amazon Fire HD 8" (6th Generation) released in 2016 ONLY
  • Magnetic closure - secure & easy to close / open, Built in Stand for convenience
  • 100% High Quality PU (synthetic) Leather Case with soft Microfiber interior to prevent scratches, Lightweight, and Durable
  • Specifically-cut for access to all buttons and ports, Prevents scratches and damages to your 2016 Fire HD 8" Tablet
  • Package include 1 2016 Kindle Fire HD 8" HD Clear Screen Protector and 1 Random Color Stylus
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Prefer it over the Fintie
    By Beckalina
    I just got my 4th Kindle. I've enjoyed my HDX and didn't think I needed a new one yet, but the deal was pretty good and I was running out of storage space from my games. So I got the HD 8". I didn't really need it to be any bigger, as the HDX fit nicely in my purse and held well in my hand. The 8" is about 1" longer and the same width, so that wasn't too bad of a change.

    For a case, I have always used the Roocases. Their price was very reasonable and I loved the origami fold. I was really unhappy to find that they don't have a case for the HD 8". I decided I would try the Fintie Folio Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 8 (6th Generation, 2016 release), Slim Fit Premium Vegan Leather case in the VanGogh pattern. Right away, I found the case to be heavier than Roocases, and more slippery. I can't imagine anyone using a Kindle without a case. They are so slippery (like an iPhone without a case!) Even though the Fintie (which looks just like the MoKo) was a decent price and had the "origami" fold, I found its "leather" case to be too smooth and heavy feeling. It wasn't as easy to hang on to as my old Roocase "leather" cases that have texture to them.

    So, I went back to search for something like my Roocase and this looked like it. It just came and I will say what I do like:
    -Price and that I could get the blue one with Prime (paid a bit more, but wanted it sooner)
    -Lighter and less bulky than the Fintie, and a bit more of a grain, though not as much grain as the Roocase
    - It has the stylus loop, which I want. I prefer an extra long stylus, but the one that comes with this is OK for a shorter one
    -It actually has a better frame around the screen, with more cut out at the bottom and top and sides, where you need to touch to pull up the controls. I'm still getting used to the control being top & bottom, than on the right side on my HDX. Compared to the Fintie, this frame gives you more access to the control spots on the Kindle without touching off something in a game.
    -A black frame. I was actually grateful that the Fintie Starry Night Van Gogh case also had a black inner frame around the Kindle. I see some with designs have the frame in the design, too. I would not want a design competing with the screen. A black/dark solid frame is best.
    -The textured/suede-like inner liner. The liner in the Fintie is a smoother suede.

    - Not a big deal, but the photo looks more like a teal, though it is called Navy Blue. It IS a dark navy blue
    - To start, it barely closes. I pulled the Kindle in as tight as I could, using the velcro tab that goes under the Kindle. It still barely folds over. It is starting to get better bit of stretching. It I have too much trouble with this, I will have to contact Amazon about it.
    The magnetic cover does work to put it to sleep and turn it on, though maybe not 100% consistently. All the buttons and camera openings are properly exposed.
    -I'm not crazy about the tab to hold it in an easel position. That is why I loved the Roocase origami that folded nicely into an easel, with out having to hook it into a rather stiff tab.

    TIP to all magnetic closing/auto sleep case users. Don't ever go to a hotel and carry your room key around on top of our near your Kindle. It will de-magnitize your key almost every time. Don't even put it very close to the key in a purse or bag. My credit cards in my wallet make it, but hotel room keys don't!

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    5Five Stars
    By Kristy S.
    This is a nice case for my HD fire! It even comes with a microfiber cloth!!

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    5Excellent buy
    By PlainAcres
    Bar none, this is my favorite case. The "kickstand" portion is solid. I have purchased more expensive cases who have given me more problems. The stylus that comes with it works perfectly.

    I really like the protective glass cover. I have not noticed any lack of sensitivity from the Amazon Fire while using it.

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