C. Crane US3 Super USB Wifi Antenna 3
C. Crane US3 Super USB Wifi Antenna 3
Manufacturer : C.Crane
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
Product Description
Product Details
  • Size: L
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: C.Crane
  • Dimensions: 11.50" h x 2.50" w x 5.24" l, .11 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Significantly Boosts Your WiFi Signal
  • Indoor Outdoor Water Resistant Design (IP65 Rated)
  • Installation is a Snap and Performance is Outstanding
  • Multiple Mounting Options Included
  • Includes 15 USB Split Cable
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    5Mount it Outside as High as Possible
    By J.R.
    I own the C.Crane Super USB Antenna 3 - and the Alpha Networks 802.11b/g Long Range Wireless USB Adapter Model AWUS036H - the one with the flat rectangular antenna you can rotate.
    The Crane antenna works well as an OUTSIDE antenna preferably on top of the roof while the Alpha is a superior performer INSIDE next to your computer.
    Side by side the Alpha picks up more signal because it is a DIRECTIONAL antenna with an amplifier. The Crane is an OMNIDIRECTIONAL antenna with no signal amplification.
    After mounting the Crane Super on the roof of my 2 story duplex I got
    20 hotspots
    6 registered 5 bars (excellent) and 8 registered 4 bars (good)
    The Alfa sitting next to my windows 7 netbook on the ground floor picked up
    10 hotspots
    3 registered 4 bars (good)

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    5Crane USB Super WIFI Antenna
    By Kenm2781
    This was purchased for our RV when were traveling. Many of the camp sites we stay at have WIFI but these have not been upgraded or modified in many years. Often you need to get out of your RV and find a spot to sit under their antenna to get any sort of signal. This antenna makes the difference as it does help pull in the signal and gives me a big smile when the weather is not friendly as we want to check our E-mail or our next stopn on our journey. I recommend this model and it is the second purchase of this for me. We sold our other RV and forgot to have it taken off. The owner of that was very pleased they could have positive results to a strong signal without having to leave their RV. Hope this helps anyone with the same type of issues I had.

    As it has a USB connection, it is plug and play and smiles after you install the software for the antenna.

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    3Worked then need the repeater
    By Matt
    Installed it exactly as recommended / specified. I had the antenna about 5' above my roof attached to a galvanized metal pole. At first I saw like 7 more networks (a separate list from my laptops built in wifi adaptor's list) and had a few with 5 bars whereas before all I could get was about 2 bars max. I saw KOA campgrounds wifi about .75 mile away with 4 bars even so it was awesome. But I walked away and came back to the laptop and then no more networks were showing. The separate network list from the antenna was gone. Since then I have called C Crane and tried restarting the laptop multiple times, unplugged and plugged back in, plugged both USB cords in, reinstalled the software, checked the red and blue light on the antenna, tried installing the RaLink utility, so on and so forth and I cannot get any networks beyond what my built in adaptor can get. Needless to say I am very mad and very disappointment and am returning this. .......UPDATE - purchased C Crane's repeater so that I don[t have to plug in to get the antenna's signal. So far working great, great reception. So if you want to get this antenna, I strongly suggest you get the repeater as well (only via C Cranes website right now) otherwise you might end up angry like I was.

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