Silverstone Tek Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX Mid Tower Computer Case, Black PS08B
Silverstone Tek Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX Mid Tower Computer Case, Black PS08B
Manufacturer : SilverStone Technology
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Product Description
The new Precision series PS08 was created with the goal of exceeding user experience and expectation for affordable PC chassis by offering a wide range of features and complete it off with great build quality. A full array of features like USB 3.0, positive pressure with removable fan filter, all black painted interior and CPU back plate cutout are all standard in this great chassis. The top mounted power supply allows for easier installation and the cleverly designed interior allows up to four 3.5" HDD, one 2.5" HDD and up to 14.1" long graphic card to be installed. For those requiring a quality enclosure with great styling and flexibility, the PS08 is an excellent choice.
Product Details
  • Size: Precision 8
  • Color: PS08 Black
  • Brand: SilverStone Technology
  • Model: PS08B
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 13.97" h x 6.61" w x 15.74" l, 7.60 pounds
  • Display size: 3.5
  • Product Features
  • Quick access filters to prevent dust buildup
  • Motherboard back plate opening for quick CPU cooler assembly
  • Support four expansion slots cards up to 14.1 inches long
  • All black painting inside with stylish look
  • Highly flexible drive storage options
  • Customer Reviews

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    5I wanted a smaller case that didn't compromise, and i got it.
    By Darren Levine
    I have been living with a 'medium' tower for years, and my perception of it was never 'medium'. So i was on the lookout for a smaller case for awhile, the trouble is, you need to be certain your motherboard will fit, as the name of the item states, it's NOT a full ATX tower, and will only fit micro and mini boards. Thankfully my current mobo fits the bill.

    I did look at the other competitors, including some of the other Silverstone models, but this one just seem to have an edge on design, it ticked the most boxes for me.

    Some points that i liked:
    -2 front 3.5" bays, which i use for a hard drive hot swap, and a card reader. i keep my dvd drive external since i never use it.
    -2 usb3 ports in front
    -large quiet fans that suck from the sides
    -smallest footprint of any case while not compromising flexibility
    -Fits large heatsinks such as the hyper 212+
    -Quality that is good, not exceptional, but plenty good, i don't care if the front panel isn't pretty aluminum.

    It's no mac mini, but then again we're talking about no compromise. This thing hacks off a good chunk of what bothered me about the medium tower. Mainly, i realized i don't use hard drive space, SSDs take up far less room, and i prefer to have external docks/hard drives instead of having them internal, so i didn't need the dozen trays of the larger tower. this one has just the right amount, and i'm not even using them, since they also made a clever little slot just for an SSD, which is out of the way and takes up basically no room at all. If you look at it, you realize it's about as small as you can physically make a tower that doesn't need proprietary parts.

    This case is probably not for someone who makes frequent trips inside their computer, it's not difficult at all to build your system, but if you don't have patience or attention to detail, i can see it being less than a pleasant experience. In particular, the cable routing is something that cannot just be shoved around, they include plenty of ways to route your cables intelligently, and if you don't read up on those methods and just push cables wherever you please, you'll likely run into issues. They also built in options for you, such as the top rear vent which you can choose to use or not depending on how you mount your PSU, and the other rear fan space they included in case you want to add a bit more flow. And the hard drive caddy is removable, in case you need to fit some larger PCIE components.

    Fans and noise
    I love the airflow. the two fans in the front such air not from the front, but from either side, brilliant! There's also an easy to remove dust guard. The noise is very quiet, it's not dead silent, but i've never once been bothered by the low hum. I would prefer if it moved a bit more air, but then again, i've yet to have any heat alarm go off. I do not overclock, nor do i game, but i do heavily edit HD video. Vibrations are minimal, but that's probably because i don't have any spinning disks in it. They also included some nice soft rubbery feet, to ensure any vibrations from your aging raptor drives don't transfer and resonate into your floor.

    Space inside
    it can hold a few hard drives, and amazingly, it can accomodate a full 12" video card, something many smaller cases cannot. And even better, since they made the case just a tad bit wider, it can fit a large heatsink, like my coolermaster hyper 212+, and still a wee bit of room to spare. They also put in a little support bar for such large heatsinks, i don't know if that thing actually does anything, but hey it's a bonus and perhaps reassuring. It seems they really thought out how to squeeze everything in there when designing this.

    Building it
    Like i mentioned, read the manual, get familiar, take your time. I'm an experienced builder and yes i know the feeling of hey, i can build anything in 5 min, i don't need a manual, blah blah... You'll save yourself plenty of headache if you ditch that ego, just read through the manual to see the tidbits of how this case was designed.

    I got just what i wanted. If you're looking for a small case that is built and designed well, and let's you use most of what you're used to using in a build, then i definitely recommend this one.

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    5King of the hill if you're building a Micro-ATX HTPC - It's $29.00! (with rebate)
    By Douglas Nichols
    After reading all the reviews about all the el-cheapo Micro-ATX cases, I finally decided on this one. Factors I considered: large front-mounted fan with pop-off dust filter; $10.00 rebate; Silverstone brand; USB 3.0 front jacks; compact size; ability to use a standard-sized PSU and optical drive; Can accommodate two additional fans if necessary; Many users complain about the poor cable management and limited space - I guess if you are trying to fit in all the components you need for a powerful gaming PC, it could get a little cramped, but for my use, a HTPC this case has PLENTY of room for everything I need: One HD, one optical drive, an AMD 5350 APU and micro-atx Gigabyte MB, full-size EGVA PSU and 4GB of RAM. Excess cables easily tucked under the HD cage so the look is very tidy. It runs very cool and I LOVE IT!

    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    4Good Enough, but a few quirks.
    By Robert
    I wanted to build a backup HTPC so I could take one down to iron out a few quirks in MythTV, and this case appears to be ideal for that.
    For $30 you really can't go wrong with this case, especially if you have a little patience.
    The exterior appearance is discrete enough that it can be hidden in plain site. The only thing that kind of jumps out is the logo, I haven't bothered with that.
    The build quality is cheap, but better then most in the price range. I am happy to see both Silverstone and Antec offering low cost MicroATX cases.
    The interior did not have any sharp edges, and enough room to easily work in. There is a small amount of space between the back panel and the motherboard if anyone wants to try some cable management. I recommend not messing with the side panels any more then necessary.
    Now to the down side. It is clear that corners had to be cut to meet this price point. But even then these could have been machined a little bit better. Opening the case required removing a thumb screw that was applied using what might have been an impact wrench. Once I got it out and later tried to reattach the side panel it was clear that reason I had so much trouble getting it off was that the screw holes did not match up exactly and the thumb screws had to be slightly angled. I worry that repeated use may damage it (opening for bi-monthly cleaning).
    All in all, I've paid more for cases that are this good. I won't jump to buy another one because of the side panel issues, but I won't avoid these either if nothing else catches my eye.

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