Smraza 3.5 Inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD Display 480x320 RGB Pixels with Installing Tutorials and SPI Interface for Raspberry Pi 3 B 2 Model B and RPi B+
Smraza 3.5 Inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD Display 480x320 RGB Pixels with Installing Tutorials and SPI Interface for Raspberry Pi 3 B 2 Model B and RPi B+
Manufacturer : Smraza
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Product Description
Support version:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi B
For the starter:
Provide the tutorial of mirror system, step by step it is simple installation and operation.
Drivers provided:
Only support Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Kali and Octopi
Software keyboard:
It supports software keyboard(system interaction without keyboard/mouse).
A full set of tutorials:
We can provide CD and Web link with a hands-on tutorial documentation and video installation tutorial, it is conveniently install.

1) In order to make the 3.5inch LCD working better, we suggest that you use our mirror system.
2)SUPPORT Only (Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Kali and Octopi) for you to make it work in your current system.
Please note:
It DOES NOT SUPPORT "NOOBS" installed them. If you try other OS systems, you will be starting at a white LCD panel.
3) Due to the SPI-speed restriction, it can not play video smoothly.

Key Parameters:
LCD Interface: SPI
Backlight: LED
Colors: 65536
Aspect Ratio : 8:5
Resolution: 320*480 DOTS

Package Included:
3.5 inch LCD for Raspberry Pi x1
Touch Pen x1
CD x1

About Smraza:
We are a leading manufacturer of electronic components for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. We have a professional engineering team dedicated to providing tutorials and support to help you get started.
If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact our support staff via email.
Product Details
  • Color: Only With Touch Screen
  • Brand: Smraza
  • Model: SMP01s
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 5.10" w x 5.60" l,
  • Product Features
  • 3.5 inches TFT touch monitor: Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi B.
  • For the starter: We will provide a variety of official mirrors (with on-screen driver) for Raspberry Pi 3B 2B, simple installation and operation.
  • Compatible operation system: (ONLY Support the Raspbian,Ubuntu Mate, Kali and Octopi systems and we will provide installation guide). NOT SUPPORT "NOOBS" installed Raspbian or other OS choices.
  • The 3.5 inch TFT LCD is powered by RPi GPIO Pins. Without requiring an external power supply.
  • 3.5inch TFT display has sensitive and stable touch function. It is an ideal alternative solution for monitor.
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Smraza 3.5 LCD / TFT Raspberry Pi Review
    By penname
    Works great !! Took 20min to find the LCD driver page download, along with un-taring the flies to get it working - The LCD / TFT is basically clone / re-brand of the waveshare 3.5 inch_RPi_LCD_(A). Look on YouTube for the title Raspberry Pi3 XPT2046 Review/Setup, there is a good how to video on getting the 3.5 lcd going.(The vid saved my bacon) The screen is really clean looking and the image is better than expected. No issues on the new PIXEL Raspberry image. Also, the lcd fits perfectly in the pi case with the top cover removed. --Cover--> Games&Tech Clear Transparent Case Enclosure Box Shell for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Ultra Sleek

    Driver download page:[...]
    Works as expected
    Bright screen color
    Easy install
    Package was boxed well
    Pen is functional and did not need to calibrate

    Small learning curve to get it going, but with the vid and 20min of tinkering you're good to go

    Would I buy again:

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Best e-mail Tech Support! And good product.
    By Byron Taylor
    I had trouble initially with the instructions and missed the support link. When I finally did contact support, they jumped through hoops to get me up and running. After several e-mails back and forth, they sent me a step-by-step process to add the screen to my current Octopring setup. And it's working marvelously! Great tech support and the screen is nice and clear!

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
    4Very good, just a couple minor issues with the set
    By N. Porter
    Everything works great, including the screen, and the case is excellent. Support has been surprisingly good and clear so far via emails and web. Only 2 drawbacks to the kit:
    1) due to the chips on the back of the LCD it is not possible to fit the screen well on top of the case. To do so the pins need to be somewhat loosely in the slots and the screen then doesn't fit flat, more like at a 10 degree angle from flat which makes it unsteady to use. To get a flush fit I had to remove the clear top layer of the case, and also remove one of the hex nuts from one corner screw because the corner of the screen was too close to the bolt. It works but I'm not loving it, seems like overheating due to lack of ventilation might be an issue over time. If you want to connect the screen to your rpi via the ribbon cable then this should not be a problem for you.
    2) the fan doesn't work with the screen since they use the same pins.

    I definitely recommend this product even with these couple of peculiarities. Would be 5* if an alternative top layer of case was included to allow flush fit of the screen on top.

    I will update this review with any developments.

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