Snugg Ultra Slim 360 Rotatable Keyboard Case with Bluetooth Connectivity for Apple iPad Air 2 - Red
Snugg Ultra Slim 360 Rotatable Keyboard Case with Bluetooth Connectivity for Apple iPad Air 2 - Red
Manufacturer : Snugg
Amazon Price : $44.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Size Guide
1) Turn your iPad over
2) On the back, near the bottom, the Model Number will be printed in tiny letters
3) Reference the model numbers below to determine your iPad version:
iPad 1: A1219 or A1337
iPad 2: A1395, A1396 or A1397
iPad 3: A1416, A1430 or A1403
iPad 4: A1458, A1459 or A1460
iPad Mini: A1432, A1454 or A1455
iPad Air: A1474 or A1475
iPad Mini with Retina: A1490 &
Product Details
  • Size: iPad Air 2
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Snugg
  • Model: iPad-Air-2-360-Keyboard-red
  • Dimensions: .39" h x 6.77" w x 9.53" l, .51 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Specially designed for the iPad Air 2 with full access to all of the ports and features
  • 360-degree rotation & multi-angle adjustments to meet your visual needs
  • Lightweight, ultra slim design
  • Includes lifetime guarantee
  • Snugg™ Promise - perfect fit, high quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Liked it a lot, until... (updated)
    By Scott D. Christensen
    I ordered this keyboard for my new iPad Air 2 and thought the price was pretty good for what was promised. When it arrived, it seemed a little flimsy, but once I put the iPad in its place, it was better. The keyboard is actually pretty nice and connects quickly via bluetooth. The battery lasts a really long time. In fact, in 5 months of use, I haven't run out of battery (though I've recharged every few weeks).

    Now for the problem. The flimsy part is the plastic hinge that holds the iPad and allows swiveling. Today, in normal use, when I lifted the iPad and rotated it, part of the hinge got caught on the plastic below it and cracked it open. Now, I can't open or close it without having to manually "baby" it. Otherwise, it will break open completely. It's only a matter of time until it falls apart and is useless.

    I'm not sure how to get in touch with TheSnugg, but the product title says Lifetime Guarantee. Amazon only says it's too late to return.

    UPDATE: The day after I posted my 2-star review I was contacted by the customer support people at The Snugg. They were very kind and sent me out a replacement for my broken keyboard case. It arrived within a couple days and in fact, I'm writing this review on the new keyboard. It actually seems like a slightly upgraded/updated model as the keys are slightly more crisp and the "sleep on close" and "awake on open" features work on this one (they didn't on the original). I'm not sure if it's actually "new and improved" or not but it appears to be. Additionally, the hinge seems to open and close more smoothly.

    So, thanks to the people at Snugg. As I work in the online world myself, it's nice to see a company take their products and their customer satisfaction seriously.

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    5A little worried, but customer service responded well.
    By David A. Low
    As remarked by another reviewer, after a week I've experienced small pieces of plastic next to the hinge breaking off. I haven't noticed any structural weakening, so it may be merely cosmetic. But I'm a little worried.

    I wrote the above two months ago, at which time Snugg got in touch with me and told me they would replace my unit at the next production run. During that two months I have used the original case daily, and can attest that the pieces that had broken off were not functionally critical, and that the case has operated well. So I am changing my review to 5 stars for impressive customer service.

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    5make sure the keyboard is turned off when you charge it!
    By David
    At first, I thought I was going to have to return this. I had charged it overnight and it didn't charge! It worked if plugged into the charging cable, but the second you unplugged it, it died. I thought the battery was no good. Turns out the keyboard was switched to "on" when I got it out of the package and it cannot charge if it is turned on. Keyboard must be turned off to charge. Turned the keyboard off and it charged in just a few hours just like the package said! works great! just a little user error. this is the first day I have used this keyboard case. easy to type on, MUCH better than just using the ipad screen keyboard to type, and I can type just as fast as I could on my laptop. I love this case! Protects my ipad, works with my glass screen protector, keeps the keyboard handy and ready to use whenever I am. none of this having to keep track of a separate keyboard and stylus; it's all built in. and I can still use it in ipad only mode too and hide the keyboard. and with this case you can put the ipad in just about any viewing position you want. So useful! whether is's on your lap, the table/desk, or where ever, you can put it in any position you want. LOVE this case!

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