Logitech B100-TAA Optical USB Mouse
Logitech B100-TAA Optical USB Mouse
Manufacturer : Logitech
Amazon Price : $9.99
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Product Description
Logitech B100 USB Optical USB Mouse 910-001439 (Black), OEM
Product Details
  • Size: 1-Pack
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Model: 910-001439
  • Fabric type: n/a
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Platforms: Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Windows XP, Linux, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 1.70" w x 3.20" l, .25 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design 800 dpi optical precision
  • Zero setup Built by Logitech
  • Technical Specifications: Corded mouse 3 buttons Optical tracking
  • 800-dpi resolution USB connectivity Cable: approximately 5' 9" or 180 cm Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • System Requirements: Windows-based PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7; USB port Linux-based PC: Linux kernel 24+; USB port Mac computer: Mac OS X 1039 or later; USB port
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design 800 dpi optical precision
  • 3 buttons Optical tracking
  • 800-dpi resolution
  • Left-handed or right, you can work comfortably all day long with this ambidextrous mouse
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Simple, Yet Effective
    By Michael A. Henthorne
    Every time I shop for a new mouse for myself I consider many different things, motion sensing system, clickability, reliability of the manufacturer, and of course special features. I for one have ALWAYS bought Logitech mice. They are a trusted manufacturer of peripherals and to be honest, they are some of the toughest pieces of hardware I have seen out there.

    I recently decided to switch out my old mouse and replace it with an optical mouse. Looking through the vast selection of mice on Amazon I was a little overwhelmed, especially being a gamer (I thought of maybe getting a 'gaming mouse'), I found many different types of mice with a wide array of special features. What it finally came down to for me was this, I wanted a simple mouse that I could hook up to my laptop and use it without worrying about drivers or special software, and if I lost it for some reason it would be inexpensive to replace. I came upon this model and after a short time I put in the order to purchase one and am very satisfied with the performance and reliability. Definitely worth every penny (Not that it is that much to begin with =D)

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    4Great basic mouse.
    By Robert A Brookshire
    Purchased: Logitech B100
    Received: Logitech B100
    Seller: Amazon
    Review updated: May 17, 2011

    + great price
    + smooth cursor movement, good button action

    - thin cable, but not really a problem unless it fails
    - cheap-feeling scroll wheel, (ditto)

    I purchased two of these mice for something less than ten bank notes apiece; one for my father and the other for a neighbor. This is a basic USB mouse with scroll wheel and middle button. It plug-n-played just fine under Windows XP and seems to work quite nicely. Other reviewers have criticized the light weight of the mouse, but I've come across even lighter mice and found that the B100 was not at all annoying to use. The weight seems perfect to me and comparable with other mice of this size. Some people have reported that this mouse is too small, but I found it normal in this regard and it fits my hand quite well. I think that almost all available mice are too small for long-term comfort. The only exceptions are insanely expensive. The B100 is certainly average in this regard.

    Long ago, I used Microsoft mice exclusively, but switched to Logitech as I found that their scroll wheels and middle buttons tended to work much better. The Microsoft mice I've owned have always middle-clicked so easily that I had to disable the middle button entirely. The middle button on the B100 clicks just the way I like it (better than some more expensive mice) and I'm entirely happy with all the buttons so far.

    However, the B100 does have one area where the low price shows: the scroll wheel. The scrolling action works fine, but the wheel clicks rather "cheaply" and loudly. This won't be a problem for me, but I wanted to mention that this is the only thing on the mouse that seems of low quality. The mouse feels find in the hand, the pointer moves smoothly and accurately, and the buttons click perfectly, but the scrolling action feels and sounds rather hollow. Other reviewers have suggested that this mouse may not last forever and I will report back with any durability issues if they arise. At first glance, however, the mouse is better than I expected at this price and suspect it will be fine for most users.

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    5Great mouse for a small price!
    By Erik
    I chose this mouse for my laptop because it is cheap and it has good reviews. I like how it feels in my hand. It works very accurately and the pointer is not jumpy. Unbelievable that they can make this for $8.00! I enthusiastically recommend this mouse to anyone who needs a replacement.

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