Search HDMI to VGA Adapter - Black - 1920 x 1200 (1080p) HDMI to VGA Adapter - Black - 1920 x 1200 (1080p)
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Product Description
Connect an HD equipped Laptop, Ultrabook, or Desktop Computer to your VGA Display, or Projector - The HD2VGAE2 HDMI to VGA adapter allows you to connect an HDMI output from your laptop, ultrabook, or Desktop computer onto a VGA monitor or projector, saving the cost of upgrading to an HDMI compatible display. Intended for outputting user generated content such as presentations, and work documents, the HDMI to VGA converter can also work to increase your productivity by extending your computer''s desktop onto to a secondary monitor, doubling available workspace. With no need for an external power source, and support for resolutions up to 1080p (1920x1080), this active HDMI to VGA adapter offers a compact and portable solution for connecting a High-Definition VGA display. The HD2VGAE2 HDMI to VGA Adapter is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
Product Details
  • Size: 245 mm [9.6 in]
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: StarTech
  • Model: HD2VGAE2
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: .59" h x 7.87" w x 8.66" l, .11 pounds
  • Processors: 0
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Product Features
  • Connect an HDMI equipped Laptop Ultrabook or Desktop Computer to your VGA Display or Projector
  • Plug-and-play design ensures a quick and easy setup
  • Crystal clear picture quality with support for high-definition video resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p
  • Works with HDMI devices like Chromebook C740 Macbook Pro with Retina & HP Chromebook 11 G4 / Works with VGA TVs monitors & projectors / HDMI to VGA adapter converter / VGA to HDMI adapter / Apple adapter / Apple VGA / VGA adapter / Mac Adapter / HDMI to VGA cable / HDMI converter / Apple dongle / Mac VGA adapter / HDMI to VGA monitor adapter / HDMI to VGA dongle / Active HDMI to VGA converter dongle
  • Connect an HDMI equipped Laptop Ultrabook or Desktop Computer to your VGA Display or Projector
  • Compatible with HDMI equipped devices such as Apple TV and VGA projectors such as Infocus IN112/114
  • Digital to analog converter
  • HDMI to VGA Adapter
  • HDMI to VGA Converter / HDMI to Monitor or Projector / Apple TV to VGA Adapter
  • Use Air Play to output your iPad or iPhone to a Projector with Apple TV
  • Comparable to Lenovo 0B47069
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    5Fine as long as you are not using a KVM, Worth the extra $ over HD2VGAE2
    By D. ABIGT
    After trying 3 of the Startech adapters trying to sort and issue and finding the root cause is most likely a Microsoft issue, I'm updating my reviews.

    The issue I was trying to solve was connecting 3 monitors to a Evga GTX 760 graphics card with on of them going through a VGA KVM. Problem is once you install the drivers the VGA / analog signal is turned off when a digital (HDMI and/or DVI-D) monitor is connected. So you must use some sort of digital to analog converter. Windows looks at the signal from your monitor to decide what can be displayed and evidently to enforce HDCP does checks for monitor changes regularly. So unless the KVM fakes a signal to all PCs connected to it Windows will reconfigure (scramble) ALL your windows when you switch to another PC. As far as I can tell almost no KVMs do this correctly but if you have and older graphics card it might not do the polling either so you will not notice. If you are looking for an adapter to hook your late model computer to your KVM I'm sorry to say you are probably looking at a lost cause. I finally found this post [...] which outlines the issue.

    Now the reviews:

    This is for my main 27 inch display on my main computer which I'm on most of the day doing programming and video editing so it has to be very legible. All the adapters all are simple to install and come in easy to open, all cardboard, packaging that fits nicely without a lot of extra inserts or wrappers.

    I started with the DVI2VGAE worked great. Nice clear picture till I switched the KVM. Which I know now means it was working correctly but did not solve my problem.

    Next I tired the HD2VGAE2 which does not have the KVM problem but it lacks the crisp video conversion of the DVI2VGAE making it for me too blurry to use as my main screen at 1920x1080 resolution.It might be OK for the less demanding though.

    So I tried the HD2VGAA2 thinking it might get me the best of both worlds since it was powered like the DVI2VGAE. But the KVM problem was back. Picture is almost as good as the DVI2VGAE though. Definitely usable as a programmer's main display.

    So I would say go with DVI2VGAE if you have the option of DVI-D but HD2VGAA2 if HDMI is your only port.

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    5Works Exactly As I Expected
    By Paul S. Person
    This device, when plugged into my HP Pavilion Notebook, does exactly what I wanted it to do: output VGA to the VGA-to-Composite/S-Video convertor I have been using for years and so onwards to my defiantly non-HDMI TV set.
    And I needed the Audio output: the Pavilion shuts off its own headphone output (as well as its own speakers) when the HDMI cable is inserted.
    I did try it with a Roku 3, but the screen kept freezing during activation (which never completed), even when I used a 2.1A 5V USB charger to power the device. Perhaps that particular Roku 3 was defective.
    Note that the bulk of the advertising stresses attaching this to a computer, not a TV device. And, with a computer, it works very well indeed.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    4Works, but...
    By Craig Putnam
    This happy adapter works fine on the handful of Dell Optiplex boxes that I tried it on (the 380/390 series, not the current 30x0 generation which have DisplayPort instead of HDMI).

    When I used it between a nettop computer (Foxconn nt-535) and a VGA broadcast box, the video quality was very poor, but I think that was the fault of the broadcast box not properly translating a not-quite-standard VGA signal. I think the takeaway is that this adapter should work when you connect it directly to a monitor, but you'd be wise to avoid any device that has to further translate the VGA signal.

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