Thermaltake Mobile Fan III Portable Desk Fan with Directional Fan Swivel, Compact Design, and Mini-USB to USB Retractable Cable Cooling AF0065 White
Thermaltake Mobile Fan III Portable Desk Fan with Directional Fan Swivel, Compact Design, and Mini-USB to USB Retractable Cable Cooling AF0065 White
Manufacturer : Thermaltake
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Product Description
A powerful portable desktop fan cools off sweaty hands. - A 8cm VR Fan can be adjusted between 1500rpm to 2500 rpm. - Power by a retractable mini-USB cord, good cable management. P/N:AF0064. Fan Dimension: 808025. Started Voltage:4.5V. Rated Voltage: 5V. Rated Current: 0.21A. Power Consumption: 1.05W. Fan Speed: 1500 - 2500 R.P.M. Max. Air Pressure: 2.9 mm-H2O. Max. Air Flow: 32.4 CFM. Noise: 20 dBA. Bearing Type: sleeve. Life Expectation: 30,000 hr. Connector: Mini USB to USB(retractable cable) Net Weight:197g.
Product Details
  • Size: 8cm
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Thermaltake
  • Model: AF0065
  • Dimensions: 5.70" h x 3.30" w x 5.70" l, .60 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Provide a powerful, portable, fan solution with the Thermaltake Mobile Fan III Series. Available in black or white, experience a smooth cooling breeze with adjustable options to control speed or direction.
  • Powered by USB with a small footprint design, deliver an ideal cooling solution for day to day use and cool all your life! Power Consumption: 1.05 W.
  • Adjustable Fan Speed Control: Fan Diameter: 80.0 mm Blade Span. Minimum Speed: 1500 rpm. Maximum Speed: 1500 rpm.
  • Directional Fan Swivel: A 8cm VR Fan can be adjusted between 1500rpm to 2500 rpm
  • Mini-USB to USB Retractable Cable: Power by a retractable mini-USB cord, good cable management.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Customer Reviews

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    18 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
    By BigBeee
    This lil fan works wonderful. Just what I wanted for the job and more.

    Why is it every fan I looked up, some idiot said they are horribly noisy? Do competitors do this as they know noise is a big issue?

    A couple times I have checked to make sure this is still running it is so quiet. And just look at the construction!

    I bought my ps3 a couple months ago and cleared an area to dedicate to it, my controllers, chargers and games in my maple wood entertainment center. Closed the door and started playing. Looks beautiful, move and duel shock controllers signal work through the door. Opened it up after a few hours to change games or something and oh my goodness, what heat. This can't be good.

    I came on line to see what there were for fans. I saw a couple that look like the quality high velocity fans I use in house windows.
    They look ok. Always a comment about noise from at least one or two. Some everyone agreed was loud and or cheap.

    Looking at this one, I hoped it would be quiet and work well. Here is why.

    Looking at the pics, I could see it was well put together. The retractable cord, steel grill and stand. Adjustable speed, and usb powered.

    PLUS, looking at it, I could see that the grill and stand could be removed with the 4 small nuts and bolts.

    I immediately thought, "I wonder if I removed the grill and stand, would those bolts reach through the wood in the back of my entertainment center.

    Yes they do!! I just installed and it pulls the hot air out like no other could.

    I drilled a 3" perfect size round hole for this fan with a hole drill bit I happened to have to drill ventilation and cord holes in this cabinet years ago. I think I got it at sears.

    I made the hole about 1/2 inch from the top of the back wall where hot air collects. Holding the fan in place, I drilled one tiny hole through the bolt hole into the wood. Attached that bolt loosely and drilled the second and so on.

    Since the speed control was originally facing where the air was going I thought I might have to mount this on the outside back of the cabinet. Luckily, after removing the bolts, I was able to reattach the speed control bracket on the back and mount this on the inside.

    The air that blows out is incredible.

    I am going to get a second fan as I originally planned. This one I will place in front of the 3" hole I drilled at the bottom of this back wall so the cooler air being pulled in will blow on the ps3 instead of just rising.

    The reason I didn't buy 2 at once is I wanted to make sure this was quiet and also if it would work plugged into a multiple usb hub.
    The second one I will probably not mount as I can just set it on the floor and angle it as I see fit. I will drill a small hole to the side, out of the way just wide enough for all the wires that go in and out.

    My usb hub has an electrical cord. If I plug the cord in, the fan will run whether the ps3 is on or not. If I use it without the power cord, the fan shuts off when the ps3 is off. PERFECT!!! The area will be ventilated and remain cool while the clutter of the equipment is hidden from my eye as well as the eye of a possible thief.
    NOW, since removing the protective grill could invite minor injury from the plastic blades and damage to the fan, I am not recommending you try this. I am just telling you what I did.!

    I will try to remember to upload a pic or two to show you how nice it looks and how you can HYPOTHETICALLY do it too if I didn't explain it well enough. :)

    This is how to use fans to cool your crib as well. Put a fan or two in windows facing out, This pulls the fresh air from windows on the other side of the house. If you have 2 floors, put them in the second floor with only windows on the other side downstairs open. The cross breeze ifs incredible. If you smoke, it really clears that out nicely as well.

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
    5Easiest DIY Stir Plate
    By Nolan D.
    I bought this to build my own stir plate for better yeast starters in my homebrewing projects. Using this was incredibly easy because the speed control and power source is already connected. To build one from all scratch parts would likely require a soldering iron and probably some other parts if you can't find a PC speed control with the little plug already wired. Going this was was pretty easy. The only tools I used were a phillips screw driver, and a hot glue gun. The glue gun I purchased also on Amazon for $2.47 which I got for free shipping total anyway.

    I glued a rare earth magnet to a piece of cork, then the cork to the fan. The space is used to prohibit magnetic friction and let me use a larger wooden box I had laying around. I put a small hole in the side of the box for the speed control to sit outside the box, hot glued to the side. The fan itself is hot glued inside to the center of the box. The USB cable runs from the fan, out the lid to the wall plug adapter of an old Bluetooth ear piece. The box I used being able to open and close easily, with the retractable cord lets you pack everything inside the stir plate box for easy storage. No solder iron, no drill, no figuring how many ohms are needed for your particular fan and petentiometer combo. It's like this thing was made for homebrewers! My total build cost with the hot glue gun was about $16, maybe a little more if you have to buy magnets. I tested my new stir plate with a 1,000ml Erlenmeyer flask, 2,000ml Erlenmeyer flask and a 1gal glass jug and all work very well with this DIY build. I highly recommend for this purpose.

    Just a tip, make sure you measure carefully the space between the magnet and the lid of whatever enclosure you use. You want it to be as close as possible without the two being able to touch. If you are using something with a little flex in the lid like I did (thin wooden box) then account for that space when measuring.

    21 of 23 people found the following review helpful.
    5Excellent for home made stir plates
    By Andrew G. Reimer
    Excellent fan, reputable company. I like many that have posted bought this to use in making a home made stir plate to do yeast starters for home brewing. The speed adjustment already built in and being able to use a USB to power it made this the perfect purchase. It easily creates a great vortex on the slowest of speeds and when turned up really rips!

    Just ordered another to build a new stir plate as I just sold the one I originally built.

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