Gaming Mouse, Bloody T70 Infrared-Micro Adjustable 4,000CPI Gaming Mouse with Advanced weapon tuning & macro setting, Light Strike Fastest Response Less than 1ms, Gamers Choice Gaming Mouse
Product Description
Change Your Gaming Experience

See and feel the difference with the T70 Infrared-Micro Adjustable 4,000CPI Gaming Mouse with Advanced Weapon Tuning & Macro Setting, Light Strike Fastest Response by Bloody Gaming! You will move more smoothly, be able to react more quickly, and raise your game. Be prepared to dominate your competition with the world's fastest mouse all thanks to the new, innovative Light Strike technology! You will be at least .2ms faster than your competition - every ms counts. Our ultra durable mouse will blow you away right out of the box. Check out the all-new features!


- 9 Macro Buttons
- Key Response Less .2ms
- 4 Weapon Modes of Left Key
- Metal X'Glide Pro Mouse Boots
- AVAGO A9800 Gaming Laser Engine
- Infrared Wheel: Over 1 Million Scrolls
- Report Rate: 125 ~ 1,000 Hz/sec (4-Level Adjustable)
- Infrared-Micro-Switch: Over 20 Million Clicks
- Adjustable Resolution: 800/1000/1200/1600/8200 CPI

Bloody Gaming

At Bloody we are dedicated to bringing you the best gaming solutions. We have spent over 9 years in R&D to continually provide you innovative gaming tools that will keep you ahead of the competition and give you the edge. We have solutions ranging from gaming mice to keyboards to headsets. Our quality is unsurpassed as is our dedication to the customer. Kill or be killed.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27246 in Video Games
  • Brand: BLOODY
  • Model: T70
  • Platform: Windows
  • Dimensions: 3.19" h x 1.65" w x 4.84" l, .28 pounds
  • Product Features
  • WORLD'S FASTEST RESPONSE - Our unique Light Strike Switch will give you a minimum of 0.2MS tactical response speed faster than anyone else - kill or be killed with the fastest gaming mouse out there
  • INFRARED SCROLL WHEEL - Not only did we want gamers to have the fastest click response time but we wanted them to enjoy the fastest wheel response
  • 8200 CPI - Adjustable resolution - 800/1000/1600/8200 CPI
  • GLIDE SMOOTHLY - Our X'Glide metal mouse feet technology adds durability and improves the glide of the mouse
  • ALL NEW SOFTWARE - Comes equipped with Ultracore4 software activated and our exclusive Ultra Core4 Bloody 5 gaming software - macro settings - multiple actions performed in gameplay
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    4Nice mouse, but had to get the mouse software somewhere else
    By Meruri
    I bought this mouse specifically for the it's onboard memory macro capabilities that my Logitech G602 was lacking. I had bought it originally to replace my Sentey GS-3901, only to realize that the G602 was unable to put macros on the onboard memory.

    The mouse itself still fits comfortably enough in my hand despite the fact I usually just use a palm grip and the mouse has a peak in the middle. I'm using it full time for work related purposes. I noticed that the bottom pads are metal. The mouse also comes with 2 bloody hand stickers.
    The placement of the 4 button is a bit inconvenient for me. I probably would've preferred the third button in the same place as the 2 buttons near the thumb rest.

    The software itself was relatively simple, though it might require some playing around to understand it, since there are no software instructions.
    It allows you change the LED color of the Bloody trademark on the mouse, but the LED on the scroll wheel remains red. The LED color can be set differently for each of the 7 profiles on the mouse. The colors you can choose from are pretty much limitless since it's done through a RGB color picker. It seems the profiles on the mouse can be disabled or enabled only in sequential order. If you try to reset the profiles, do note it will reset all of the profiles created on the mouse. You can set to the buttons keyboard keys/macros/sniper rifle settings.

    The CPI, Report Rate, and key response can be customized. You can also calibrate your mouse to the surface you're using it on.

    You can also create macro settings that be created,saved, and loaded from your computer to your mouse. There seems to be multiple views, I've only stuck to Oscar II view to do some multiple keyboard actions consecutively. The interface is sort of intuitive and also sort of not, but it does the job.

    There are some other stuff to the software, but I haven't checked them out so I can't say much about it.

    Features( * to indicate that it can be customized)
    Left click
    *Right click (none,keyboard, mouse, sniper)
    *Two buttons on the right that you can click with your thumb. (none,keyboard, mouse, office hot keys, multi media hot keys, CPI, rifle)
    *Middle click on the scroll (none,keyboard, mouse, multi media hot keys)
    *Scroll up and down (none,keyboard, mouse, multi media hot keys, office hot keys)
    *There's a trigger for 1 and n where you push up or down (none,keyboard, mouse, multi media hot keys,office hot keys, CPI)
    The 3 button is used only for switching mouse profiles
    *The 4 button (none,keyboard, mouse, multi media hot keys,office hot keys, CPI)

    Downloading the driver to customize the mouse could not be downloaded from the official site. I had to find mirrors of a slightly older version of the software for the mouse from elsewhere. I'm guessing the download servers for the drivers are really far or there's something else wrong with the site. The problem with using mirrors is the risk that I still can't tell if the download is trustworthy even after I did a virus scan.

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    4Nice gaming mouse with adjustable CPI settings and tactile buttons
    By stephanie Ingersoll
    The mouse that i will be talking about today is the Bloody T70 Optic Micro Switch Gaming Mouse. I have really enjoyed gaming with this mouse as this mouse has adjustable CPI settings and the buttons are too loud and they are also tactile. This is an improvement over the mouse I have been using.

    If you have regular or small sized hands this mouse is perfect but if you happen to have big hands like myself then, you might find that the forward and backwards buttons on the side of the mouse are a little too far back. I have yet to dive into the program the runs this mouse, and the reason for that being that there is quite a learning curve involved. No directions about how to use the software were included.The personalization software for the mouse is provided on a card in the product package, so look for it before throwing away the box. Also, there are some nice bloody hand stickers included which is a nice bonus.
    One thing that i did enjoy was the fact that you can change, the color of each part of the mouse to one of 12 million colors. The mouse has a matte finish on it, which is great because i do not find the mouse slipping in my hand. Also the texture that is on the front of the left and right click buttons feels great during use. I do not use my mouse directly on my table so i can not tell you what that is like, but if you use a mouse pad like i do, i will tell you that the mouse slides across with a buttery smooth motion.
    Overall this mouse is a great buy for the price, with the downside of the lack of directions on the software included.
    I am very happy I was able to receive this item for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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    5Great gaming mouse
    By J Johnson
    I ordered this to replace a gaming mouse that was just a couple of months old- I had spilled something on my previous mouse that I really loved but the replacement just didn't fit my hand correctly and made my hand hurt during long gaming sessions. This Bloody T70 on the other hand fits my hand perfectly and the overall quality of the mouse and the software is amazing.

    The mouse comes in a very nice retail box but does not come with any documentation or drivers in the box other tan a warrenty card and a business card telling you to go to the website. I know it is easy enough to get them from the internet but this mouse is expensive enough that more should be in the box. When I started looking at the mouse I was impressed by the details, the metal glides on the bottom, the grippy surface on the two main buttons, the braided USB cord, and the two way rocker bottom and 4 other buttons. The whole mouse is coated in a material that gives a really nice feel and grip.

    After plugging it in the Bloody logo and the chevron at the base of the muse began to pulse like a heartbeat which is a nice but not over the top look. I installed the software, which has more settings and options that can be believed including different "cores" for different types of games that will affect how some of the buttons operate. I changed the DPI (how far the cursor moves for how far you move the mouse) and started using the mouse.

    In operation, the first thing I noticed was how well the polished aluminum feet glide on a mouse pad compared to other mice. I was thinking the metal glides where just a silly thing that I wasn't going to notice but you can really feel the difference. The next thing I noticed is that the buttons on the mouse have a great feel with very noticeable click when you press the button. I loaded up Borderlands 2 and noticed that I really like this mouse. I still need to dig into the software to figure out how to best set up the mouse for my gaming but I am truly impressed by this mouse.

    I received this mouse at a discount in return for an honest review which I have given here.

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