Fluke FLK-3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter
Fluke FLK-3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter
Manufacturer : Fluke
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #95461 in Home Improvement
  • Size: Wireless Digital Multimeter FC
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Model: FLK-3000 FC
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.89" h x 3.66" w x 8.15" l, 1.85 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Wireless digital multimeter for measuring AC and DC voltage and current, continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance, and frequency
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    2Scratching My Head...
    By Neil Gardner
    I'm normally a big fan of Fluke products, but the FC3000 multimeter and PC3000 combo are extremely limited in capability. The meter can only capture 10 minutes of data by phone, and the PC software scrolls old data off without recording/saving the data. It only allows screen captures.

    I called Fluke to discuss with their sales and engineering teams while deep in my project. They indicated that the meter is designed to work with the specialized modules (which look good for limited industrial use) and was never intended for standalone use. That would be a dandy thing to put on their web site...

    The concept is very good, but it appears to be poorly marketed and/or in beta phase. I can't see any reason to not add data storage to the software - I think these things would jump off the shelf if they did. The ability to bluetooth-monitor several signals at once would be very good for lab and field work. This product falls just (but dreadfully) short of being useful. Do yourself a favor and get the 287/289 meters instead.

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    5Nice kit! Wish this kit also had the DC ...
    By Michael W. Rippey
    Nice kit!
    Wish this kit also had the DC meter and amp meter in it, but I cant complain, i bought them also!
    I use this in a 3phase 480d and 277y industrial power setups.

    The current meters are nice, and the flex clamps make them that much nicer. Love having a flexible and accurate way to get around wires and various contact leads. The no fear of metal clamps hitting a 800A buss bar while trying to loop on to is worth its weight in gold. The respond very fast, faster then I was expecting. The inrush function is also nice, but I suspect if you have a varying load on start up, you may want to log. It appears to look at the highest value then stop as soon as the current drops. Makes inductance readings on a loaded motor a little more dynamic then this function calls for. I have attached 2 pictures, of a 10hp 480y on start up running a tight belted fan. Our environment is so electrically noisy the meter will always read .1-.3amps, but at home will read 0 to .1. In this high noise environment the wireless range is still about 30 feet! I have yet to bottom this meter out but seen it still responds good through the range. I have also attached its graphing for a wye delta start motor.

    The AC meter is nice tool for single phase logging. It came with some nice clamps to latch onto buss bars and other fastening nuts. My only complaint is that I wish it would have the ability to latch to 3 phase and a ground, give you voltage reading from phase to phase and phase to ground references. The cables are of good length and quality, tips are changeable. Responds fast, still has great range and speed. I might even buy 2 more of these just to log voltage and current on all 3 phase.

    The multimeter is of good quality, I have not used this as much, but does help fill in the gap the other that came with this kit cant. I have checked resistance and voltage with my in cal fluke scope and found readings where spot on other then lead resistance. Keep in mind this meter will not do high current. Its limited to 400mA and its fused. I have used it for 4-20mA loop just to see its functionality and although did not read precisely as the fluke process meter, it would give you a very good idea on the output and functioning status of the loop. It should also be noted the process meter I used in the loop had 2 more digits for the mA reading.

    the magnet hanging straps are the best thing since Betty White, sadly most of the cabinets and housing at my job are stainless steel, luckily the back plane and most conduit connectors are plain steel! All the cords are of good quality, but sadly the current loops are not changeable and when they wear out you will have to purchase new or crack the unit open (hopefully not break it, not serviceable) and solder new ones in.

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    1Fluke PC3000. Do not buy this. Use the mobile app instead.
    By Ben Sinor
    The Fluke PC3000 Wireless PC adapter is a sad excuse for what the Fluke Connect mobile app offers. You would think the PC version would have more features and not less. Here are the major pitfalls for the device/software:
    -Allows you only to pull actual logged measurements from the device for actual numbers. (This makes getting data from the FC3000 impossible since it doesn't log data. This also makes seeing multiple measurements on the same time scale impossible, for example AAC and VAC on the same time scale for accurate VA measurements.)
    -Allows you to watch all the graphs of your different devices but only screen capture one at a time. (This is just a graph and not a chart so you are guessing at the actual values.)
    -Doesn't allow you to capture real time data in numerical form. (I am mentioning this twice because this is the deal breaker.)
    -Takes quite a while to actually add devices to watch. (This isn't a big deal but more of an annoyance).

    All in all Fluke really dropped the ball on this. Putting forth such a half-assed product/software was a mistake that I sincerely hope they learn from.

    I will be using the mobile app only now.

    Sidenote: Having customers pay 60 bucks for a wireless adapter that most if not all current laptops/computers have is asinine.

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