Wavlink AC600 High Power Outdoor Weatherproof CPE/Repeater/Access Point/Router/WISP 2.4GHz 150Mbps + 5GHz 433Mbps Dual-Polarized 12dbi Directional Antenna, Passive POE Model 570HA1
Wavlink AC600 High Power Outdoor Weatherproof CPE/Repeater/Access Point/Router/WISP 2.4GHz 150Mbps + 5GHz 433Mbps Dual-Polarized 12dbi Directional Antenna, Passive POE Model 570HA1
Manufacturer : Wavlink
Amazon Price : $89.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:3 of 5.0
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Product Details
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Wavlink
  • Model: WL-570HA1
  • Dimensions: 2.50" h x 4.80" w x 11.30" l,
  • Product Features
  • High Power and External Dual Polarization Antenna: With high transmission power up to 30dBm/1000mW and external dual polarization directional dual-band antenna, WL-570HA1 gets a perfect performance in long-distance.
  • Dual Band: Speed up to 2.4GHz 150Mbps and 5GHz 433Mbps, high transmission power breaking down the barries of WiFi
  • Passive PoE: Passive power over Ethernet(POE) Support for Flexible Deployment
  • Security and Flexible: Provides WEP,WPA/WPA2.WPA-PSK /WPA2-PSK data security, Ethernet(POE) Support for Flexible Deployment.
  • Multiple Operation Modes: WL-570HA1 supports AP, Router, WISP as operation modes. And under AP Router mode, it provides Access Point, Client, Client+Repeater modes for various wireless solutions.
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Installation instructions are easy to follow
    By Steven Luong
    This product is alright.

    Installation instructions are easy to follo9w.
    Design is not as good as I expected, not that much durable.

    I don't know why I received a unit that the LAN port mechanism was broken but I don't have time to return and wait for another week since I need it "badly".

    Shipping time is good, it said 2 to 3 weeks but in reality is only one week from the day I ordered to the day I got it in my palm.

    The only thing I'm not much like about is the pricing, I think it should be $50 instead of $105. The reason is every 3 or four days the signal drops and I have to pull out the power switch.

    About the signal range, I think the advertisement is a bit of "too much showing off".

    It said it can go as far as 3km and I tested only 200 feet without wall interferance.

    I have other outdoor repeater as well and I think this init should be from $50 to $65 each.

    9 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
    By James
    UPDATE: Below you will see I had some troubles setting the unit up. The manufacture was very helpful and ultimately got everything working. I have been connected to unit for weeks now and have used the WiFi daily without any further issues. I would recommend product.

    The Wavlink was easy to setup but like other reviewers stated it often looses the connection to your router. This means you can connect to the Wavlink but will have no internet access. You have to unplug the Wavlink or access the IP address each time you want to use this wifi connection to reconnect to your home router. Once that is done each time you will get extended distance. I tried moving the Wavlink closer to the router thinking it would get stronger and more stable signal but that made no difference. I also noticed that I could run a speed test on the Wavlink and pull down about 13mbs. Once I connected directly to the router I was getting 35mbs. So there is a bottleneck affect as well. This actually didn't bother me since I was just trying to extend the range of my home router for whole house automation which only needs low bandwidth anyway. I think you will be happier with a sixty dollar unit with same results and stays connected to your home router. Save your money as I returned mine.
    Daisy must have read my review and recognized the problem I was describing as they contacted me about a solution. I added 2 stars for assisting even without being prompted! So it seems there is a firmware update that is needed to fix the loss of connection. It took me a few days to update the firmware Daisy sent me, but I got it doing this morning. The update was easy to perform and I am currently connected. I'll give it a few more days to see if the problem is solved then I'll update my review again. I still see that the Wavlink does slightly throttle the broadwith. I speed test at 45mbs straight from router via wifi and 33mbs in WPS mode on wifi through the Wavlink and this test was performed with the Wavlink and home router at 5ft apart. Again, I'm still pleased with the speed as I'm going for extended range most of all. I'll give a 4 star rating, not 5 do to trouble and broadband throttling, once I see that I remain connected automatically over the next few days. Also, thank you Daisy for reading, responding, and in general taking pride in your product. It has not gone unnoticed.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    1This product was of very poor quality. We could see the SSID and connect ...
    By Gary Peyrot
    This product was of very poor quality. We could see the SSID and connect but packets were getting dropped and performance was terrible. We then did a bench test with the client inches away from the access point and did a ping test and more packets were dropped than passed. When I tried to return it, I found that the return policy didn't let me return it. NOT HAPPY!

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