ZyXEL Armor Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Wireless Router with StreamBoost and Beamforming Antennas [NBG6817]
ZyXEL Armor Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Wireless Router with StreamBoost and Beamforming Antennas [NBG6817]
Manufacturer : ZyXEL
Amazon Price : $189.99
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Have more devices connected to your shared Internet with ZyXEL Armor Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Dual-Band wireless Gigabit router. Powered by a fast 1.7 GHz processor and streamboosttm technology, the Armor Z2 allows you to experience 4k UHD video streaming and to play online games without stuttering, while to have more devices staying connected at the same time without sacrificing performance. The ZyXEL Armor Z2 is equipped with the latest 4x4 MU-MIMO technology that enables it to accelerate transmission up to 4 stream wireless devices for even faster Wi-Fi speeds. Supersonic Quad stream WiFi AC2600 get the latest wireless 802.11AC standard speeds. With up to 2600 Mbps of combined wireless speeds, stream High definition movies without stutters, transfer files quicker to your mobile devices, play online games without the High latency. Beamforming coverage unlike traditional wireless where it scatters it signals everywhere, the Armor Z2 Pinpoints your wireless device and focuses its wireless connection solely to that device, enabling strong wireless signals.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #5523 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: ZyXEL
  • Model: NBG6817
  • Dimensions: 11.70" h x 2.83" w x 4.25" l, 1.85 pounds
  • Product Features
  • 2nd generation AC2600 chipset for 2600 Mbps speed 802.11ac
  • 4x4 MU-MIMO technology that enables accelerated transmission to wireless devices for even faster Wi-Fi speeds
  • Stream boost optimization to deliver the best gaming and streaming experience
  • Beam forming antennas for enhanced wireless coverage and stability
  • Easy setup wtih Easy 123 and user freindly usage monitoring
  • Customer Reviews

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    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
    5ZyXEL ARMOR Z1 NBG6816 AC2350 so far two thumbs up
    By BundesDutch
    I just received the Router this afternoon so I left for home early. When I unpacked the Amazon box, which was hugh, I saw a nice big box with the AMOR Z1. After having read the comments inhere I was worried about getting the wrong item, BUT.... no when I opened the box, I saw the battle ship size Router, it has been very nicely packed. Took it out and found the four Antenna's in the foam nicely done ZyXel. It is all in Black, which I like.
    One folded quick install guide, which is not really needed. I took a picture of the old router, my ASUS RTN-66U next to this big MONSTER of a thing.
    I love the ZyXEL, it seems to be lighter in weight as the ASUS. I transfered all the wires over to the big , did I mention it is BIG, ZyXEL Router and walked to my Workstation in the other room. I opened a web browser and it was already on the main page of the router, had to type the 1234 password to get into it and started to configure it, which is very easy. I must say I do miss the ASUS GUI a bit and question the so called Advanced mode button on the right side of the screen.... The interface is OK, is getting used to, but I am easy going quick adaptable so not realy an issue. I di did notice that the WiFi Signal in this corner is MUCH stronger as that of the old Router, which is great as it is ONE of the reasons I was looking to find an replacement. I have several cell phones, notebook/Laptops, workstation, Smart-TV, Google ChromeCast devices so I am sure to find out soon enough how stable this device will be. OH before I forget, I had prior to the arrival of the ZyXEL already downloaded the latest BIOS, but I did try and use the option to look online for an updated bios version and it found the version ,V1.00(AAWB.3)C0 the factory version was the B.1.

    On the current Wifi devices I have a 600Mbps and one 1733Mbps and my Workstation LAN is 1Gig, so all looks great. I will try to get some more feedback after I have played a little with it. This deal is a steal, I paid $ 119 for it while others post it for well over $ 200 even Amazon has a different post like that, odd but hey a smart purchase monkey such as myself always finds the better deal. So far the WiFi is strong and Stable so if that keeps up I will be in heaven and for far less as all the other brands like D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Asus, and others I am familiar with ALL of them. I would have gone for an ASUS but the cost for this device, plus IT being MU-MIMO and is one of he few with the fastest chipset in it... anyways that is all for now fooks...I am happy humming right now, two thumbs up for everything, I got it one week earlier as was promised so woohooo :)

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    2I've had this router for a short time so far ...
    By Jonathan D Lewis
    I've had this router for a short time so far but I've already had the wireless become inoperative after approximately 1 week of use, it should be noted that a couple of days prior to this I noticed some drops/reconnects but thought nothing of it at the time...

    Upon the rebooting the router, wireless functionality returned...

    Unfortunately I didn't have more time to trouble-shoot the wireless at the time, next time I'm hoping to have the time to see if I can reach the router via Ethernet to check logs and such...

    Documentation is lacking as far as some of the features such as printing as noted in a previous review...

    Zyxel should include additional functionality within the GUI to disable/enable and view the status of various services, i.e., telnet should never be enabled by default due to the availability of secure alternatives...

    Firmware is based off of OpenWRT which opens the potential for significant flexibility in the future assuming it gets to the point where you can install the full version along with any additional packages you may want/need but I reiterate POTENTIAL, I've seen no forums indicating any success while Zyxel indicated is was against policy to provide any guidance(not to be confused with actually requesting support) without approval from HQ which they wouldn't provide approval without the demand from owners so if this is something you want then you should request it...

    Speaking of OpenWRT, Zyxel should utilize a more recent version, they are utilizing a version released in July of 2014(keeping in mind it appears they were utilizing a release candidate which was released much earlier than the "official" release)...

    Wireless performance, when functioning, outstanding...

    I am concerned about long term stability given my previous statement above and the fact I got this to replace my pre-existing E8350 which has consistently unreliable wireless functionality...

    Edit - About a week after this initial review, I experienced a router crash, it did seem to recover on its own this time. My suspicion is that there may be a firmware/software issue. I did observe steady memory utilization on the router which has dropped back down. Given the router's use of some very dated openwrt release its very possible this is something addressed long ago..

    Logs don't seem to indicate what the issue may have been, then again, they probably rolled, the device doesn't seem retain much locally which is a shame given the amount of storage present on the device. I may need to resort to remote logging for better retention...

    Update - 11/29/2016 - Noticed a firmware update was available this morning, figured I'd give it a try, this was a mistake on my part. While the update does address some security issues I noticed earlier, it also appears to disable SSH for which I'm heavily reliant on for remote access or more advanced issues. I certainly applaud Zyxel for addressing security issues but I suspect this update had additional goals such as making it more difficult for users to look under the hood to see what's really going on and/or installed on the device. The new update appears to have a new config format so you won't be able to apply an older backup if you think it may revert some of their changes. If you make the mistake of applying this update, you can still download the older firmware and you can re-apply the backup config to revert settings versus the hope that a factory reset will address anything like SSH. Zyxel support leaves a lot to be desired as well, very basic, not very conducive to power users.

    This device seems suitable for basic users, not advanced/power users. I'm disappointed with what I'm now seeing out of Zyxel, I'll certainly reach out to them about my latest experience with their firmware but I'm doubting that I will be making future purchases but I'll make that determination once I'm certain they won't help me...

    7 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
    5I expected it to work, just not this well - Excellent, easy to setup and better output than specs on box
    By FredAlyze
    ZyXEL Armor Z2 Gen2 AC2600 Gaming and Media Gigabit Router [NBG6817]

    I got this from a friend and was interested in trying it out. I have some basic technical skills, but by no means am an expert on this stuff, so this is more of an experience review, rather than technical expert.

    TL:DR - I expected it to work, just not this well - Excellent, easy to setup and better output than specs on box

    I have a small home network, a few computers, xbox one, iphones and some tablets. Probably about average for a small family.

    This unit replaced a fairly recent unit that was less than a year old. I wanted to compare the difference before I hooked it up, so I googled some specs and even read a couple of forum posts out of curiosity. What I found was that the ZyXEL Armor Z2 had about the same specs as my old unit from another manufacturer. Pretty much similar list of features, processing etc.There was however a difference in cost - the ZyXEL Armor Z2 is about $100 more.

    After looking up the specs and seeing similar features I had limited expectations.My current network ran well, had a few dropouts here and there, but had pretty good speed from our charter cable internet connected to our wi-fi router.

    Setup - I read the instructions and they are really simple and easy to follow. I pretty much plugged it in and connected all my physical cables to it. It took a little longer to boot than I was expecting, but not sure that matters for a router as it really never gets turned off. The network cables and USB ports are great and since most stuff we run is wireless now, I still have an open port

    Really cool - something I found cool was that if you have an android device there is a QR code to scan to setup automatically. makes it much easier

    Wi-Fi setup - setting up wi-fi and passwords can be a pain, the sticker inside the box and QR code for android really make it easier, but for other devices having everyone reset their network and password can be a pain.

    So, I got onto my hardwired computer and opened Chrome and went to http://myrouter - this is easy to do and it opens to a simple and easy interface. For people like me who aren't super technical this was great - easy to use and navigate. There is an advanced screen, which is also not that complicated, but not really necessary for most.

    best thing - I changed the name of the router and password - I used my old router name and password and did not have to change any of our devices, everything we had connected immediately.

    Noticed a difference - I was very surprised, but right from the start I noticed a difference in speed on all our devices. Part of the difference was how fast stuff loaded, but more than that, it was how fast it communicated and responded. Hope that makes sense.

    it was like the difference between calling someone and having them pickup on the first ring vs. the sixth - you still had the conversation and got the info, but it just started a lot quicker. I have also noticed less dropouts on my mobile devices.

    Netflix - since I switched to this router I have noticed better streaming from netflix - i didn't have any buffering issues with my old one or problems keeping up with a movie, but sometimes it would have communications issues - to keep the same metaphor, like it was getting a busy signal or being hung up on. I don't know if that was netflix or me, but so far not a problem.

    Xbox - haven't done much other than stream movies and it has been perfect.

    I was originally thinking I might try this and just go back to my old router since the specs were the same, but there is no way I am going back.This is really much better in a very noticeable way.

    I would definitely recommend this router, it is not magic, but definitely noticeable - the real question is it worth the extra cash to you. My old one worked and I probably would not have upgraded, until I tried this one.

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