Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X Ultimate Gaming Mouse with PixArt ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor Module for PC
Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X Ultimate Gaming Mouse with PixArt ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor Module for PC
Manufacturer : Mad Catz
Amazon Price : $149.99
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Product Description
Any electronic device is only as good as the sum of its parts. In gaming mice, a sensor is the most important piece of the puzzle. And with Mad Catz' R.A.T. PRO X, you need not be afraid of your sensor becoming outdated. Hot-swappable modules help ensure that as sensors inevitably improve, R.A.T. PRO X improves with them. But it's not just the sensor that you can modify. Almost everything you can touch is also interchangeable and adjustable. Nimble, robust, and immensely customizable, R.A.T. PRO X is the world's most advanced gaming mouse.
Product Details
  • Color: Black, Green
  • Brand: Mad Catz
  • Model: MCB4371800A6/02/1
  • Platform: Windows 7
  • Dimensions: 7.09" h x 5.31" w x 6.18" l, .66 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Interchangeable modules let you employ a laser sensor or optical sensor and trade them at will. Swap for a different sensor as technology and games advance.
  • Revolutionary Scroll Wheel System-Analog strafe. Wheel pivots sideways for an extra analog axis that enables pinpoint precision.
  • Strong and reliable components include magnesium alloy, titanium, and carbon fiber. Super hydrophobic coatings help keep your hand dry in the heat of battle.
  • Trade sensors, scroll wheels, feet, pinkie grips, and palm/thumb rests. Just about everything you touch can conform to your hand.
  • Pro Slide Technology with Teflon and Ceramic Feet
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Function as well as Form
    By Random Khaos
    Day 1 review.
    I used my Cyborg RAT 7 for 6 years and loved every minute of it. The customization is amazing, i have huge hands and being able to stretch that palm rest back is beyond comfortable and a feature no other mouse can tout. The old RAT 7 was starting to have issues i couldn't solve so i caved in and my new RAT PRO X showed up 3 hours ago.

    Setup was cake. Driverless? Who needs drivers in 2016 anyway!
    Magnetic attachments for the hot swappable lasers and low friction slide pads? Genius.
    Software is solid, graphically clean and simple. I like it much more than the 2010 software i had for the RAT 7!

    I'll try to update the review in a few days after I've had more than an hour of game time with it, but so far it has been phenomenal. Excellent responsiveness and the clicks feel so... deadly.

    P.S. CERAMIC "ULTRA LOW FRICTION" is not a figure of speech, the mouse looked like it could almost defy the laws of physics with those pads. It just kept sliding... off my mouse pad... off my desk... out the window...

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    5Fix RAT PRO X "driver/software" issue
    By Tyler
    I am giving the RAT Pro X 5 stars because so far it does not seem to have any issues. However windows has an issue with the mouse specifically pertaining to what seems to be 'extra/double' input for games that have native controller key bindings like BattleField 4. Because this mouse is "Driver-less" it relies on the HID-compliant drivers from windows (default drivers); this is where the issue is. Under the device drivers for the RAT Pro X you will find that it has a driver called 'HID-compliant game controller', if you disable the driver for this mouse you should be able to play any game that you were having issues with.

    Below you will find pictures of how to complete this process. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    (This process is for Windows 8.1 but should be simaler to other windows)
    To start go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Right click 'RAT PRO X' > Click properties > Go to Hardware tab > Find the HID compliant game controller driver and disable it.

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    2Was good in the beginning
    By yandreev3
    I have been using the RAT mice for a while now. The original one I had was the RAT MMO. That was the best mouse I have ever owned, hands down. I only had to replace it recently because on of the axis was not responding but it server a very long life. I then purchased a RAT 9 for a living room gaming PC and a RAT PRO X with the Pixart9800 sensor for the upstairs gaming pc. The rat 9 lasted maybe a month and stopped working all of a sudden. Nothing I did got it to work again. (I have many more complaints about it but this is not the review for them). Anyway after using my RAT PRO x for a bit (and getting annoyed when I saw they are releasing an updated version soon since i just spent $200+ on it) it slowly started to die on me. Now I was already quite disappointed because It does not have the same adjustability as the previous generations. You are not able to adjust the weight of the mouse, you can't adjust the position of the thumb buttons, There is no thumb scroll wheel, and it is severely lacking in customizable buttons. While it is one of the smoothest mice I have used due to the ceramic feet, It wasn't well balanced and would slightly wobble a bit where the thumb rest is. Anyway after this disappointment, the issues it started having only made it worse. First the scroll wheel stopped responding randomly causing me to have to unplug and replug the mouse. Then the three dpi leds on top would start flickering and would go off. Then it would randomly change and reset it's profiles so mid game or mid document, my hotkeys would not work. I have been a fan of the RAT series but after this $200 paperweight, I'll be switching to something better. Maybe the steelseries rival 700

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