PDP Battlefield 1 Official Wired Controller for Xbox One & Windows
PDP Battlefield 1 Official Wired Controller for Xbox One & Windows
Manufacturer : PDP
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Product Description
Take down your enemies with the Battlefield 1 Official Wired Controller for Xbox One & Windows. Experience enhanced gameplay with vibration feedback and impulse triggers and the audio control button located directly on the front of the controller, so you can adjust game and chat audio levels without interruptions. Plug in your headset to the 3.5mm audio jack and you’re ready to chat with friends. The 10 foot detachable cable gives you plenty of room to get comfortable.

Use the Dual Multi-Function wheels to customize up to 6 different actions to the back of the controller, so you don’t have to worry about taking your thumbs off the responsive analog sticks during gameplay. With an officially licensed and eye-catching Battlefield 1 inspired design, get ready to join in on the fun.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #4600 in Video Games
  • Brand: PDP
  • Model: 048-086-NA
  • Released on: 2016-10-21
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Windows
  • Dimensions: 7.32" h x 7.05" w x 2.72" l, 1.43 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Officially licensed Battlefield 1 inspired Xbox One controller
  • Windows compatible / Detachable 10' cable
  • Audio support and controls
  • Dual Multi-Function wheels and responsive analog sticks
  • Vibration feedback and impulse triggers
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    4From a seasoned FPS Console Gamer - Its Good, but not without flaws
    By Farhan K
    I've been using this PDP Controller for playing online multiplayer for some time now (Titanfall 2 , Halo 5, Battlefield etc) which I feel is a true test of any enhanced controller of the advantages it offers to your gameplay. Another thing that I wanted to determine was how this controller compares to the OEM Xbox Controller (which I feel is an excellent design & the fact we're all just used to it ) . Does the PDP Battlefield 1 controller offer enough , despite being a wired controller to make it a better choice over the OEM Wireless Xbox controller? Below is my take :

    Design & Build Quality
    - The main controller body is made of matte soft touch plastic with a faux-wood finish around the grips and a silver front plate - reminiscent of classic WW1 Guns which is in tune with its Battlefield 1 branding. It really looks much better in your hands than in pictures which don't do it enough justice
    - The controller comes in a nice see thru folio type cardboard box with a magnetic flap.
    - The LB & RB shoulder buttons are flatter and less angled than the OEM Xbox controller shoulder buttons (see pics) , however this does not affect or affect gameplay
    - The left & right thumbsticks are thinner and do not have the same textured rubberized finish as the OEM Xbox controller , something that I missed (see pics)
    - The Power button with the Xbox Logo is not backlit like the OEM controller
    - This being a wired controller , one thing I would like to point out is that the Xbox One uses a proprietary wireless protocol for its wireless controllers which is probably very costly to license and as a result currently almost all wireless controllers are exclusive to Microsoft (with the sole exception of Scuff controllers which cost $170+) & most third party controllers (like this one) are going to be wired, so its hard to criticize it for being a wired controller
    - Having said that the included 10 Ft nylon braided cable is durable and long enough for most gaming setups and can easily reach your couch
    - The impulse triggers and rumble motors feel much STRONGER than the OEM Xbox One controller and makes FPS experience more immersive
    - The Audio button next to the right thumbsitck allows you to quickly adjust your headset volume or mute the microphone
    - Another very important aspect of this controller is that it feels adequately weighted in your hands (as we are used to the weight of the Xbox one controller with its batteries) .

    Six Programmable Buttons for FPS Gaming ......
    - There are six customizable functions in the rear Mutlifunction wheels which can pivot UP/DOWN and can be depressed as a button as well , giving you three functions per wheel or 6 in total
    - You can duplicate the "A,B,X,Y" buttons , the "LB, RB" Shoulder triggers , the Left & Right thumbstick buttons or the D-Pad buttons to the 6 six 'slots' offered by the rear multifuction wheels
    - Programming the 6 functions of the rear wheels is done the controller itself which is straightforward and does not require any on-screen setup/software nor are they game specific.
    - For example if you want to assign the Jump or the 'A' key to the rear-right wheel in the UP position - You simply have to (1) Press the Program Button at the rear in between the two wheels (2) Identify the Wheel position you want to map : In this case by moving the rear right wheel in the UP position (3) Assign the Button you Want to Duplicate : In this case by pressing the "A" button and Voila! The Jump or the (A) key is now duplicated to the Rear-Right Wheel when you move it in the 'UP' position
    - The ability to map some of these functions to the wheels does offer an advantage in fast paced FPS play as you dont have to take your thumb away from the right thumbstick to say Jump/Crouch or reload in the heat of the battle and importantly it feels more natural and less jarring

    ..... But there's an Issue
    - I'll try my best to describe this - The way the multifunction Wheel mechanism works for its three positions UP/DOWN/PRESS is that when you PRESS the wheel it appears to travel into a slot & it does so only in the center position. This locks the UP/DOWN movement of the wheel when its pressed. That is you cannot simultaneously move the wheel in the UP/DOWN position when its PRESSED or vice-versa.
    - This may seem minor at first , but very apparent in the heat of the battle where you subconsciously squeeze or grip the controller harder during intense moments. For example I had my Jump (A) key mapped to the Wheel PRESS and Weapons switch (Y) to the Wheel UP. And in a close head-to-head encounter with another player, when my primary weapon's ammo ran out , I wanted to start jumping around to throw off his aim (Wheel PRESS) and quickly switch to my sidearm (Wheel UP). In this tense moment I was subconsciously gripping the controller and mashing the buttons extra hard which half-pressed the Wheel locking it & prevented me switching to my sidearm quickly (Wheel UP). Boom! I was dead before I had the time to correct the pressure on the wheel button
    - So I ended up using only 4 out of 6 of the Wheel functions (UP/DOWN on either wheel) and stopped using the Wheel PRESS function all together as it would frequently lock due to unintentional half-presses. The paddle mechanism of the Xbox One Elite controller works much better in this regard
    - Also there is a tiny bump on the center of the wheel (to aid with its UP/DOWN movement), and pressing on the pointed bump for the PRESS function gets painful with repeated use after some time

    Final Thoughts
    So in the end does it offer a better experience and advantage than the OEM Xbox controller ? And my answer to that is Yes, for the most part. I will am still using this controller for my online multiplayer games over the OEM Xbox controller because the UP/DOWN wheel movements allow to quickly perform mapped actions without taking off the thumb from the thumbsticks and also the stronger vibration of the impulse triggers and rumble motors give a more immersive experience. But for me, I consider only 4 out of the 6 available programmable functions actually usable with the PRESS function of the wheel being the controller's Achilles heel.

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    1Garbage Controller Breaks After Three Months of Use.
    By Kyle
    I purchased this poorly made, sorry excuse of a controller back on November 14, 2016. It worked fine until the end of January 2017, the "A" button began to stick in the down position and would to a slow time to recover from being pushed. I opened up a support ticket that instructed me to clean it with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. I have had no success with the cleaning and the issue has become worse with the button not recovering at all. I reported my situation back, was told that my ticket will be passed on, and I should expect a response within a day. It has been over a week and I have not recived a response.

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    5i love my Battlefield wired controller for my xbox one game ...
    By Samuel R.B Scott
    i love my Battlefield wired controller for my xbox one game system, & i am glad i don't have to worry about plug in my wireless controller when i am in the middle of a game, there is one thing i did notice about this controller that if you have a external hard drive connected to your xbox one & if you get in the party or going in a game chat that there's high pitching feed back sound, so what i do to avoid that problem is i re-boot my xbox one so it would recognize that i have a external hard drive & then my problem is solved

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